Do E-Cigarettes Explode?

Whenever anything in the world becomes popular, people start using it on an enormous scale; it is only then that things become surrounded by various myths and misconceptions, whether it is a toothpaste, a bike, a car, or even an e-cigarette.

In the modern era, when people were getting tired of all the advertisements claiming to help them quit cigarettes, the e-cigarette came as a rescue for most of the people out there. Instead of altogether quitting smoking, dealing with withdrawal syndrome, and then returning to the regular habit of smoking again, most people have started preferring e-cigarettes without any second thoughts.

Although many myths surround the very popular e-cigarettes, the one thing that most people are concerned with is the exploding nature of these modern-day healthy smoking alternatives. There are many people out there who think that if they buy e-cigarette from a Tobacco Shop in St Gainesville FL, and start using them, they will explode.

Is this a truth or just a conspiracy theory like sector 55? Well, this is what we are going to find out through this blog post before you buy an e-cigarette from a Tobacco Shop in St Gainesville FL.

Does vape explode?

There are maximum chances that you must have heard about different horror stories regarding the dangers of smoking an e-cigarette since it explodes. Well, such accounts can put disbelieve in the mind of all those people who have switched to e-cigarettes as a healthier option to smoking. Well, let’s find more about the exploding myth of e-cigarette.

The type of vape used will matter a lot

One of the first things that you will need to understand to unravel the mystery of e-cigarette explosions is the type of vapes available in the market since the kind of vape will determine the degree of risk well. If you are using a pen-style or pod mode vape, you should know that these vaping options produce a minimal amount of power, and in addition to this, they also have a sealed battery system. It doesn’t matter from which Tobacco Shop in St Gainesville FL you buy the vape from; it will come in the same configuration.

Along with this, all the pen types and pod modes have an extra layer of protection that helps eliminate firing when any malfunction happens, and in most vapes, proprietary liquid storage units are used. This is why the chances of such devices failing or exploding is almost near to zero.

Many different types of advanced personal vaporizers or APVs come with a specialized computer chip with built-in safety protection. If you will install the batteries in your APV incorrectly or install an unsafe coil, the vaporizer will refuse to fire. This is how modern-day APVs are keeping their users safe from any mishap.

Dangers to keep tabs on

All the vapes available in a Tobacco Shop in St Gainesville FL have a similar amount of risk as a lithium-ion-powered mobile phone. But you can’t deny that there is some risk involved in the case of loose batteries or mechanical failure.

If you are using a mechanical mod, then they will be mainly in a tube shape. These tube-shaped modes will use a single battery, but there are many mods out there that use multiple batteries as well. They differ entirely from the regular APV, and there is no use of a computer to ensure these mods’ safety.

So, if you are looking forward to staying safe from any exploding while smoking, then you should always choose APVs instead of automatic modes as they can prove to be dangerous.

You should also know that anything can prove dangerous if not handled well, even a simple thing like a pin. Well, the same thing can be said about e-cigarettes as well. If you start mishandling e-cigarettes, then there are maximum chances that you will have to deal with the consequences as well.

If you are entirely new to smoking, you should go through the manual or guide on using an e-cigarette ideally. It will take you just one or two days to get used to vaping, and you will also learn how to use vape options without dealing with any risk.

It doesn’t matter what you are using; if it is mishandled, it can lead to a disaster or a mishap. Well, the same thing can be said about e-cigarettes as well. If you choose the right vaporizer and use it properly, then the explosion will only be a myth for you.