How to Share or Download Google Photos Album

Google wants users to use its products and services more and more. The company generates profits in that way. Considering this, it is not that easy to bring out things like photos and emails from the Googleverse. You can share the pictures that you want to show others through Google Photos easily. The other person needs to be Google-savvy for accessing the photo album through.

Here’s how you can share photos album on the web:

1. Go to the ‘Albums’ option available on the left section and click over there.

2. Now, move your mouse cursor to the album that you wish to share with others and then click the three dots.

3. Click the Share Album option from the available options.

There is another ideal way, as well. Click the ‘Albums’ option from the left menu and choose the album for sharing around. Hit the share button available at the top section on the screen.

Sharing album through phone’s Photos app

It is easy to share the photo album with the use of your phone also. Follow these steps:

1. You will see the ‘Albums’ option at the bottom section of the Photos app. Tap over there.

2. Choose the album that you desire to share.

3. Now, find the three dots option available at the top right side and tap on it. Then choose the ‘Share’ option.

However, if you are not comfortable with accessing photos online, you can download the photo album on your device.

Here’s how you can download photos album on the web:

1. Go to the menu available on the left side of the screen and choose ‘Albums’ from there.

2. Choose the ideal album that you want others to see.

3. Now visit the upper right corner, click the three dots, and choose the ‘Download all’ option.

4. A zip file is destined to downloaded in your computer, having all the photos from the album.

Through Google Takeout, it is even possible to download more than one or all albums at one. Follow the below given steps for that:

1. Log in with your Google account and go to the Download your data page.

2. Select the “Deselect all’ option as the page select all the listed services automatically if you don’t.

3. Scroll down till you see the Google Photos option. Click on it once you see it.

4. Now, hit the button that shows ‘All photo albums included’ and then choose ‘Deselect all’ option once again.

5. Select the albums for downloading now by checking the boxes.

Downloading album through phone’s Photos app

You need to know that it is not possible at all. Though, you can try other methods that might work for you. Like, you can share the photos to Google Drive or email, and download from there. Here’s how you can ideally share the photo album to Drive or email:

1. Visit the bottom section of the Google Photos app on your phone and tap on Albums from there.

2. Choose the album that you want to download on your phone.

3. You will have to press and hold the first photo for seeing the tick mark in the box. Keep dragging you finger downside and select all the picture accordingly.

4. Find the ‘Share’ icon available on the top right side and tap on it.

5. Now, you can either save the album on Google Drive or email the photos for downloading.

So, this is how you can share or download photo albums through Google Photos. A large number of people use a Smartphone instead of a PC or laptop, and the inability to download photo album on the phone is undoubtedly a drawback for Google Photos. Google needs to note it down and fix it in the coming times.

Source By : webroot support