How Long THC Stays in Organism

Drink for a THC Test – Can You Pass It with Fluids?


Without the discussion of why someone smokes it, the use of marijuana is widespread. This light drug is also used for medical purposes. Some components, such as cannabidiol, can have a positive effect on many diseases. However, this doesn’t mean that this substance is allowed and legal.

The law still didn’t regulate marijuana use, so it is best to consider this substance as illegal. So the employer, the court and anyone who asks you to do a drug test, also think so. They do not care why you use drugs. Their policy just don’t allow it.

So you have to do your best to provide a negative THC test result. In some cases, positive results are acceptable too. It is important that the amount of marijuana metabolites in the sample doesn’t exceed the permissible limit.

Abstinence is the best way to make sure your test result is definitely negative. But marijuana users have come up with a variety of ways to pass drug tests without stopping using it. Which method they will apply depends on many factors – whether the drug test is routine or is done for some particular reason; how much time do they before testing; whether they are recreational or heavy users, etc.

How Long THC Stays in Organism

There is no general rule for how long THC will stay in the body. All timeframes are indicative, and they depend on many factors. First and foremost, that depends on the quantity, frequency, and way of use. Someone who has smoked a single joint once in a lifetime and someone who consume marijuana regularly won’t have the same amount of THC in the body. Active smokers are renewing the stocks of this metabolite. In recreational users, THC is completely eliminated from the body in a few days.

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If you consume marijuana from time to time (for example, once a week), traces of THC would be in the body for 2 to 3 days from the last administration. If you use marijuana orally, the elimination of metabolites of THC is faster – you’re clean after 24 hours.

If you smoke it more often, like 3 or 4 times a week, THC can stay up to 10 days in the organism. In heavy users (and by this we mean those who use at least one joint per day), traces of marijuana can be detected for up to a month.

Drinks to Decrease Concentration of THC in Body

When using marijuana or any other drug, their metabolites take some time to get into the body fluids. After THC transfer to blood, it is possible to find its traces with any kind of drug test. It takes a long time to completely eliminate this substance naturally through sweat, feces or urine,  So you have to speed up this process if your test is scheduled for tomorrow or in the next couple of days.

You can do this using natural ingredients. Or you can use some quick and effective methods, such as detox drinks. Both ways have their advantages and disadvantages. It usually depends on how much time you have to clean your body.

Commercial Detox Drinks

There are a lot of products on the market advertised as the incredible cleansers of your body. You can’t know whether these are efficient until you try them. One smart way to understand how they can help you detoxify is to read credible reviews online. There are sites like Drug Testing Reviews  which can give you a good insight about these drinks. These products are not cheap. If it doesn’t prove to be effective, you just wasted your money.

Each of these products has its own method of application which you should fully adhere to. Some detox drinks require continuous use; others need to be consumed immediately before the test. Depending on the ingredients in them, these drinks help in eliminating toxins or temporarily masking them – long enough to provide a THC clean sample.

Home-Made Detox Drinks

Home-made detox drinks are a cheaper and more affordable method. Most ingredients that can help you can be found in your kitchen. An increased intake of fluid stimulates excretion of body fluids. The first drink you should consider for THC detox is water. You can drink it in unlimited quantities; it can’t harm you, and it will cause more frequent urination.

Some ingredients that have a diuretic effect on your body. They stimulate excretion of the urine and feces without a notable increase in fluid intake. For example, these are green tea and coffee. You can drink them in higher quantities if these don’t bother your stomach. Diuretics stimulate the function of the intestines and urinary tract. With every excretion of body fluids, you’ll eliminate some amount of the toxins from the body.

Other useful ingredients for detoxification of the organism are lemon and cranberry juice. And if you don’t have time to flush the THC metabolites, you can take advantage of zinc and papain supplements (find more information about this enzyme read here), which you can add to any mentioned fluid. These ingredients should ‘mask’ the traces of narcotics in your body. That should provide false negative results of drug tests. The problem is that their effect is short-lived.

Take Care of Supplementation

There is one problem with drinks that can help you pass the THC drug test. If you give urine as a sample, you should know it has its properties, such as color, pH value, level of creatinine, urea, etc. If we drink too much water before testing, the sample can be too diluted. As such, it is not suitable for testing, and this is sometimes considered as a positive test result.

Creatinine and vitamin B supplements can help your urine sample retain its relative density and concentration of essential elements. It is best to use them as a powder that you can dissolve in fluids. Commercial detox drinks already contain these ingredients, so you don’t have to add supplementation.