E Way bill registration – The much needed document to cross the state borders

E way bill registration is one of the important concerns of GST. E Way or what called electronic waybill is a must to have a document to carry for transporting any consignment of goods costing above Rupees 50,000. This has made compulsory by the government in Section 68 of GST act and implemented nationwide on 1st April 2018. This has implemented by the government with an intention to deter tax invaders from the mischievous process of underreporting the transactions and to increase the revenue from GST.

E Way bill registration

Easy to register

The government has implemented a strong online platform to facilitate the function of GST. Now everything related with GST can be done at the expense of few clicks. The consigner or consignee can go for onetime registration with GST portal to generate the e-way bill. Registration is made so easy with the step by step process. Once you have become a registered member you can generate the E waybill at your convenience. Now make the e way bill registration to get the much-needed document to cross the state borders.

Registered transporter

Registered transporters can generate E-Way bill. They provide the services for the clients to meet the GST demands when moving through the roads. Unnecessary tax check posts have been removed with the introduction of GST and this e Waybill is enough to meet the legal requirements during the inspection of tax authorities. A good portion of consigner and consignees are depending on these registered transporters to generate the electronic bills.

Make use of E way bill software

If your business is engaged in frequent transportation of good that values more than Rupees 50000, then it is better to make use of a software for creating invoice for e Waybill that is to be uploaded to the e Way Portal of the government to generate the bill with the E-Way bill number (EBN) on it. There reputed companies to provide you with the most advanced GST supported software to generate the invoice for E-bill.

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About E way bill generation  

A detailed invoice with complete detail including the cost of consignment, distance to cover, the exact address of consigner and consignee is must generate E-way bill. Bill once created cannot be altered or moderated except in some sections. But in case of mistakes, you can cancel the bill and can generate a new one. Hence generation of the bill has to be done without any mistake to avoid cancellation and re-generation of bills.

Benefits of using software

Once you have made the registration with the E-Way portal, then it is certainly a good idea to get the best software to generate an invoice for the e-way bill. There are several benefits of using the software. Some among them include the fast creation of E-way bills and E-invoices, seamless integration with ERP systems, built-in intelligence to calculate validity and distance, customization based on business requirements and real-time consignment tracking.

Now the time is yours to register with E-Way portal and to get the best in E-Way bill software to generate and upload the invoice within seconds to the portal to get the E-Way bill number for the consignments above Rupees 50000.