Enjoy The Benefits Of A Rewarding Career With Professional VLSI Design Training Institutes:

VLSI or very large scale integration is a process of creating an integrated circuit by combining millions of transistors into a single chip. This is the technology to fabricate integrated chips that are obtained from sand or silica. The entire process of manufacturing chips from sand are covered under the VLSI process technology. VLSI is the backbone for today’s electronics and features a number of transistors on a single chip.

Electronic engineers manage to design these complicated chips with the help of computer-aided technology or the CAD. They extract the exact description of the chip and refine it stepwise into the final design. Designing the VLSI chip includes a series of steps such as logic synthesis, timing analysis, placement and routing, floor planning, testing and verification, and all these steps are taught at the VLSI training institutes in Bangalore.

About the course:

The course is designed in such a way that it throws due to light on the VLSI design methodologies, VLSI design flow, digital design pattern and RTL programming using the Verilog HDL. The course begins with an overview of the VLSI and explains in detail about SoC design, VLSI technology, Moore’s law, different between ASIC and FPGA, etc. It also walks the user through the complete steps of the VLSI design flow and explains every single step in detail.

The course also covers the complete digital design, the combinations, sequential and FSM designs and also trains the user on the Verilog HDL programming. It also offers hands-on training for RTL designers during the course stream.

The credibility of VLSI training institutes:

The VLSI training institutes in Bangalore city are competent in rendering industry-oriented training and course wear on both VLSI and embedded systems. The course methodology encompasses the necessary infrastructure that is close to an industry environment. The course is mediated through experts in the industry and by faculties who have decades of experience in the industry.  These training institutes focus on problem-solving methodology with the help of software and not mere software training. The VLSI design course in Bangalore encompasses a right balance of modules that cover the complete design, step by step.

Program module:

  • The VLSI fulltime flagship course is conducted for a period of not less than six months.
  • The study model is both participative and experiential learning model
  • 25% of the course focuses on theory whereas 75% focuses on labs and in real life projects.
  • During the stream of the course, the students are given access to semiconductor technology.
  • The students are made to work and learn using industry-standard EDA tools.
  • The lectures and the lab sessions go hand in hand like corporate training
  • Students are given the best placement opportunities at the end of the course. 

Final words:

Chipedge, center for excellence in Bangalore is one of the best centers for VLSI design course and training in Bangalore that offer interactive sessions for students in VLSI design, to prepare them for prospective jobs in leading corporates in the country.