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Enrol for the Best Physical Design Course in Bangalore at Qsocs


VLSI is a booming technology in today’s modern world. This technology is used to manufacture all smart devices and in various engineering projects. If one is well versed in VLSI technology, the world is his or her oyster. There is plethora of job opportunities for that person. It is, therefore, a wise choice to get trained in VLSI technology from the best of institutes. Doing courses, projects and internships in VLSI technology and having hands on experience in doing VLSI projects will add a lot of weight age to one’s resume at the time of interview. Companies prefer to select these types of candidates rather than those with just a qualifying degree and no experience. VLSI technology is mainly used to design Integrated Circuits or Integrated Chips (ICs). It is the process of combining (integrating) thousands of transistors into a single IC or chip to process digital data.

Based on student reviews, there are various VLSI institutes that stand out for VLSI training and provide physical design course in Bangalore, and Qsocs is one of these. Successful completion of a VLSI project or internship in any one of these reputed institutes will guarantee a highly-paid VLSI – based job in a reputed VLSI – based company for students. All these institutes have highly qualified and highly experienced faculty, who had worked in complex VLSI projects in reputed companies before. They use only that VLSI software that is used by the majority of the VLSI companies. They have an industry – centric approach and their course is highly structured and practical. Their labs have the latest VLSI equipment and hardware. They have tie ups with most of the reputed VLSI – based companies like Samsung, Toshiba, SanDisk, HCL, Wipro, Qualcomm, etcetera. Their classes are even recorded online for later referral by their students. Here is why Qsocs is the preferred choice for many:

Apart from having the characteristics of a reputed institute mentioned above, Qsocs is the best among the various institutes for a few reasons. Thesw are:

  • It has the largest lab facility of all with over one lakh computers so that students don’t have to share their computers.
  • It has an American fabrication machine which students can use.
  • Its courses are recorded online so that students can reference them later if they have to.
  • It has a modern lab with all the latest VLSI equipment and hardware.
  • Its faculty have worked on complex VLSI projects at reputed VLSI- based companies before.
  • It has tie ups with all the top notch VLSI – based companies for student placement.
  • It is an industry, research facility and university, all in one!
  • Even students who are not enrolled in the university are welcome to do VLSI projects and internships there!
  • Placement in top notch VLSI – based companies is guaranteed on successful completion of projects or internships at this institute.

VLSI is a booming technology with a lot of scope for growth. Students would do well to do VLSI – based internship programs and become a physical design engineer in Bangalore. They add a lot of weightage to one’s resume and make one industry – ready. One need not rely on the company’s training to meet expectations as very few companies provide adequate training after recruiting a person. Familiarity with VLSI software used by the Company will leave a good impression on one’s boss and brighten the chances of getting a promotion in that company. So, stop wasting time and become a VLSI engineer now for a bright and shiny career.