Everything You Need to Know about Green Tea

Green tea is quite a popular drink, loved by most people nowadays in most of the western countries. Many people have started choosing green tea over black tea as well in many parts of the world. The refreshing aspect of green tea is why it is one of the favourites, apart from the apparent reason that it is very healthy. Green tea can help in keeping individuals health and young because of the high antioxidant concentrations, also called polyphenols.  

With all these benefits, green tea can be slightly expensive. But, the amount of money you spend on buying it is definitely worth it. Because of being packed with so many benefits, people are advised to drink it every day. Therefore, when you look for online tea Australia, make sure that you do not compromise with the quality of leaves. If you are curious to know why these green tea leaves are costlier than regular tea, here are some compelling reasons.

  •    The good quality green tea will go through a delicate processing method. As most of know, the least oxidised kind of tea is green tea. Therefore, green tea producers are known to make special arrangements to ensure that the time duration is less between plucking the leaves and process them. Unlike other forms of processing, the processing technique will involve more manual labour which ends up increasing the ultimate price.
  •    The loose leaf green teas are known to be of the most exceptional quality. Artisans make them in minimal quantities. These artisans follow a meticulous process in order to take great care of the tea leaves in the small farms. The quality of the bushes along with the tea season has a role to play in the quality of the final product. As these leaves are of excellent quality and yielded lesser than the commercial farmers, the prices automatically go high. The trade-off is usually between quality and quantity.
  •    Using sustainable farming techniques, farmers grow the best quality green tea. Studies were able to show that organic tea contains about 50 to 60 per cent more antioxidants as compared to the ones that are grown conventionally with the help of chemicals. In the case of conventional green tea production, the residue of these chemicals can do more harm than good. As small family farms own these organically grown ones, the prices are naturally higher because of more demand and less supply.

If you want to use green tea leaves more effectively, you must make the most of a tea infuser. When you brew the tea leaves, a tea infuser can be very useful. It is also very easily available in the market. Nowadays, you will also find plenty of other means for brewing loose green tea, such as tea mesh, tea bowls, and so on. Try these techniques for brewing if you want to reduce wastage and gain the maximum benefits.

Green tea is a great asset for people who want to live a healthy lifestyle. With a little monetary investment, the payoff can be very high.