Conditions to Make You Go For An Eye Examination

Most people neglect to get their eyes examined. These only wait to notice various conditions with their eyes before to rush to a nearby Nairobi optician.  The rule of thumb is to have an eye examination every 6 months. Few people have the guts to adhere to this. An eye examination is an important step to make your eyes stay healthy with sharp vision. Check out the following conditions not to hesitate to go for an eye examination.

Problems focusing

Is your sign going blurry? Perhaps you have problems focusing. This might result from a bigger health issue and you need to get immediate professional assistance. Blurry vision that comes and goes or limited to one eye require an eye examination. The optometrist will examine your eyes to give an appropriate diagnosis and subsequent treatment.

Sudden visual disturbances

These visual disturbances might include obstructed vision, floaters, and light flashes. Sudden onset of these might be a sign of a severe vision-threatening condition including retinal hole, retinal detachment, and retinal tear. Never hesitate to go for an eye examination once you notice the visual disturbances. Getting professional assistance allows for a proper diagnosis and treatment to avoid potential loss of vision.

Gradual blurry vision

Vision loss of this nature might be hard to notice. It keeps worsening with time. Some of the signs to tell that your vision is gradually blurring is finding it hard to read a book from not-far away distance. Perhaps you now find it hard to read things on a computer screen with clarity. These are enough red flags to get your eyes examined by the best opticians in Nairobi . You will get an appropriate diagnosis and treatment to ensure that you don’t have to sit closer to the TV or bring books closer to read them.

Frequent headaches

Various things including extreme stress might make you have frequent headaches. Problems with your vision might also cause headaches. Gradual vision loss is hard to notice but regular headaches can be a warning sign. Going for an eye examination is required to discover the cause of your vision loss. Fortunately, getting appropriate treatment can help eliminate frequent headaches.


Having to squint to see things clearly is a sign that you need to go for an eye examination. Squinting is a reflex for difficulty seeing things. During squinting limited light enters the retina and unfocused light is diverted. Lazy eye happens when you squint and turn your eye. If you experience this especially children, you should go for an examination immediately.


It is normal to have some pain or strain in your eyes. This might result from poor sleep, seasonal allergy, or flue or cold. When eye strain and pain goes on for some days, you should go for an eye examination. This is true when having pain during eye movement. These might result from an eye infection or other severe health condition. Going for an examination is a sure way to maintain your vision by getting appropriate treatment.

Eye infection

You have already noticed above how eye infection can cause strain. Well, this infection usually has signs including:

  • Itchiness
  • Redness
  • Discharge
  • Swelled eyelids
  • Pink discoloration from eye whites

You don’t have to hesitate to go for an eye examination when having such signs of eye infections.

Light sensitivity

It is possible to find yourself very sensitive to light . This is not normal and you have to go for an eye examination for a diagnosis and appropriate solution. Light sensitivity might result from an eye disease or infection. If you find yourself experiencing light sensitivity when looking at light, book an appointment for an eye examination before the condition worsens.

Taken too long since the last eye examination

Finally, you need to go for an eye examination if you can’t remember when you last had one. When wearing prescription glasses, an eye examination is mandatory. However, you have to schedule this examination after a period of 6 months. A lot might have happened or got your eyes exposed too during the period after the last eye examination.

This examination should be part of your overall health maintenance plan. During the eye test, minor issues might be discovered and fixed before escalating. Additionally, there is normal gradual vision loss as you age. So, you obviously need more frequent eye examination than the younger folks. Regardless of your age, eye examination is an essential aspect of protecting over-all health and vision.

In summary

During an eye examination, developing health problems are revealed to allow treating them early enough. This limits costly treatment when the issue escalates and potential vision loss. Perhaps now you have understood the various situations where you obviously need to get your eye checked. Booking your eye test is convenient and easy online.