A new wave of identity and authentication: Facial Recognition Software!

With all the technologies growing at a very fast pace, facial recognition technology is one of them which are going to see a hike in the investment in recent years. But many of the people are unaware of this technology and do not know what exactly it is, how it works and what are the benefits of having this technology. So here we come as a rescuer which will throw full light on this subject and make you familiar with this technology.

What is facial recognition and how it works?

Facial recognition is a way of recognizing a human face with the help of technology. This is a system in which the biometrics of the person is being used to map facial features which can be done in the form of a photograph or video. It then compares the information with a database of known faces which are already there to find a match. This technology is very helpful in verifying personal identity.

You may be able to recognize many faces, but this kind of technology use a wide base of algorithms for this purpose. While the theory is different for many people, these following are the common steps which explain how this technology works.

Step 1: step one includes taking a picture which is captured from a photo or a video. The face of the person can be alone or in a crowd.
Step 2: After this, the facial recognition system will read the geometry of your face. There will be various key factors which will be included in recognizing the features like the distance between your eyes and also the distance from forehead to chin. They generally identify the facial signature of the person and the software will be able to find the key distinguishing features of your face, which will be called you face signature.

Step 3: The face signature will then be compared with the database of all the known faces. There are many millions of face signature on one database of which the software will distinguish the required one.
Step 4.After determining and comparing the facial signature, a determination is made. You faceprint matches with the faces which are there in the face recognition system database.

Benefits of the facial recognition system

1.Greater Accuracy: This helps in getting greater accuracy as it includes 3D mapping, deep learning, and other advances. All these features make this technology more reliable and harder to trick. The facial recognition manufacturers company takes care of this.
2.Better Security: This technology provides better security than other technology like a fingerprint sensor.
3.Convenient and Frictionless: This type of technology is easy to use and users can easily use this just having a person “smile for the camera.”
4.Smarter Integration: This technology is easy to integrate with other technologies which save a lot of this while integration.
5.Automation: This provides automated and accurate 24/7 security which helps in eliminating the need for security guards to always have an eye on every entry points.

This technology can be identified as a new wave of identity and authentication solutions along with ai manufacturing solutions which are going to bring a revolution with their advancement in the coming years.