Find the Best Features of the Modern Fans over Air Conditioners

When summer heat or heat waves arrive, getting the right equipment is essential for good living comfort and good health. There is a wide choice of air handling units, however, the ventilator remains the easiest and most economical solution. Many models of fans exist, designed to adapt to the different configurations of your home: table, ceiling, pedestal, column fan and many more.

You will find a wide range of ceiling fans on the market. First, you can choose between models with or without lighting depending on the lighting needs of your room. There are two categories of fans: with or without a light fixture. If your room has lighting from wall lights or other types of lighting such as a floor or table lamp, the choice will be more towards a fan without a lamp. Otherwise, you will have to opt for a fan model with a lamp.

What is the appropriate size of the blades?

The size of the blades should be a determining factor in the choice of your ceiling fan. Their length must be adjusted to the surface of the room to be ventilated: 80 cm for 10 m², 115 cm for 20 m² or 130 cm for larger rooms. Also, pay attention to their inclination! Indeed, the more its blades are tilted, the more the ceiling fan allows lowering the temperature. Also, favor models offering several rotation speeds in order to be able to obtain the desired freshness. However, do not be fooled: the number of blades is only aesthetic and does not play any role in the efficiency of your ceiling fan!

Why should you choose a ceiling fan over an air conditioner?

The reason for choosing a fan rather than portable air conditioning is that the fan is the cheapest alternative for cooling a room in your home. You should know that unlike the air conditioner, the fan does not generate cold air but creates an artificial wind, as a result of the displacement of air produced by the fan which will provide a pleasant feeling of freshness. To choose the right model for your use, discover our complete comparison of the best fans of the year!

Air conditioning is a fairly appropriate solution. The problem is that, even if today some manufacturers offer air conditioners at affordable prices, it is almost impossible to install them in most dwellings in a building. In addition, many people do not support it and their installations are still very expensive without counting fairly high energy consumption.

The ceiling fan is a ventilation system that does not require heavy work since it is installed as simply as a chandelier or a pendant lamp. Its consumption is very minimal because the wattage of a fan does not exceed that of a bulb. Many models are equipped with a remote control that allows you to use the fan without having to get close to it, very useful when the fan is located on the ceiling. If you want to get more information about the types of best ceiling fans available in Indian market then you can visit the web store of BestForYourHome.