Four Best Indian Restaurants in Brampton

There is no dearth of Indian restaurants in Brampton. In fact, at every corner, one can find an Indian restaurant. That being mentioned, there are different Indian cuisines to enjoy in Brampton. Whether you are looking for a date night or a family get-together there are restaurants to satiate different taste buds.

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Preparing a list of the best restaurants in Brampton is difficult but here are our top picks that can help you to take a decision.

The 4 best restaurants in Brampton

1) The Khana Sutra

Despite a quirky name, this place not only serves sumptuous food but also is majestic in décor. It is very spacious and offers an equally expansive menu. The food lovers can find both traditional Indian items and Indian cuisine with a western twist here. The taste of the food is elevated by relaxing music and exquisite interiors. The service is also commendable. Some of the items to cut above the rest are Shehnai Ghost and Lime Pakoras, and Tandoori Mushrooms. You also have an option to have Canadian wine to top your meal. The best attraction of this place is live music. In nutshell, it is one of the best restaurants in Brampton to enjoy dinner with your family.

2) Firangi

This restaurant is rather new in terms of its establishment. It was established in 2016. It is owned by Sanjeev Sethi who is also the executive chef. Frangi serves Indian street food with a twist. The restaurant has a very casual feel which does not compromise with its classic set up. The restaurant uses metal plates and bowls to serve the dishes. The service is very quick and attentive. The menu is highly indulgent. The choice of music at the restaurant is very different from what one would expect. Instead of Indian classical music, you can enjoy luscious food with a backdrop of English rock genre. Some of the must-to-try items are tender chicken and crispy fries.

3) Mayura

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It is one of the classiest restaurants to feature Indian cuisine in Brampton. This place is best suited for a date or a family get-together. In addition to an attentive service, they offer a variety of seating arrangements. Some of the best items here are Salmon Tikka with chutney, Dum Murgh with cashews, saffron, and yogurt. The highlight of the menu is Dum Biryani. The food is very good which is why you might have to take a heavier wallet with you.

4) Kwality Sweets & Restaurant

When it comes to making a list of the best restaurants in Brampton, Ontario, Kwality Sweets & Restaurant has to make into the list. It is one of the most popular and thus, the busiest restaurants in Brampton, Ontario. It offers really scrumptious food at very competitive prices. Two of the best items to try at this place are Garlic naan and Samosas. The décor and the rush might be a turn-off but the restaurant has its own charm.

So these were the 4-best restaurants to try in Brampton. If you need to locate the best restaurants in Brampton near your location then you can do so by visiting the Success Business Pages. It is an online directory which entails an exhaustive list of all the best restaurants in Brampton, Ontario.