Get Inspired! Bling Home Décor Ideas in 2020 to Follow

Are you excited about the biggest bling home décor trends of 2020 to give your place the much-needed makeover? There are plenty of pretty new things at the designer train wrecks! Some of these are timeless, while others are short-lived. However, all of them hold power to make your house feel refreshed, refined, and beautiful. Learn from pros what to add to create your dream home!

2020 may have been a weird year yet, but it helped people develop some long-neglected habits. With people spending more time at their homes than ever, they figured it out that decorating their place on their own can be fun. It provides them with an opportunity to add vibes to the house they like. 

If you are an admirer of the bling lifestyle, this year has some great bling room décor ideas to try and transform the look of your place. Let’s get started:

  • Ball of Bling

Golf is one of the oldest games played. From kids to 90-year-olds, people of all ages love to play it. If you are also a great fan of the game, you can showcase your love for it through some decorative pieces of home décor. A gold ball and tee on a stand base can be a unique, luxury piece in your living room to be a center of attraction.    

Made of platinum, it is a beautiful decorative, handcrafted piece to showcase your luxurious lifestyle. Such decorative pieces are on the trend right now, but they are rare, which enables you to get a unique item for your home.   

  • Brass-trimmed Pendant Lighting

When it comes to the kitchen, simple has become boring. Earlier, people thought that a kitchen is a place where food is prepared, and functionality is the only property to remember while constructing it. But, the time has changed, and the kitchen has evolved to become an integral part of a home. Today, it is a place where people love to spend their time with their families while enjoying their meals. 

You can begin your kitchen decoration project by adding brass-trimmed pendant lighting and hoods to it. They may offer an attractive, unique appeal to your place. 

  • Leaf of Bling

Bring the reflection of nature inside your home with a leaf of bling! Whether you are decorating your place for the holiday season, a special occasion, or just giving it a makeover, add some artist-made bling home accessories. Even a small but uniquely-made piece holds power to transform the look of the entire living room. A Leaf of Bling is a perfect example to prove the point.

Made of platinum, the Leaf of Bling is an over-the-top-pot leaf featuring more than 300 carats of Swarovski diamond cut crystals. It is a luxury decorative item that reflects your luxury lifestyle and unique taste in home decoration.  

  • Gold Furniture Trim

If only one or a few luxury pieces aren’t enough to gratify the gold lover in you, how about decorating your furniture with gold trims. Instead of furniture made entirely of wood, add gold furniture trims to it. For example, a chair base may shine like gold. 

Apart from living room furniture, you can get bathroom fixtures, cabinet pulls and kitchen hoods that are made around the gold theme.  

  • Bling $

Are you looking for something unique in bling home décor accessories on the trend in 2020? If yes, a $ made of gold and round diamond cut crystals can be the perfect accessory for your home décor project. It is handmade pieces, created by some of the most experienced professionals in the field. 

Apart from decorating your place with Bling $, it can also be a great present. During the holiday season, you can buy a piece to give to a loved one. They will love to keep it in their living room to make it a centerpiece.  


Now that you have figured out the biggest bling home décor trends of 2020, you can begin decorating your place with these uniquely-made pieces. Get them from a reputed store of luxury items, and give your home a makeover for a refreshed feel. All the best!