Gondola Shelves: Strong and Sturdy Store Displays

Appropriate shelving is essential in a retail store. Apart from ensuring efficient maximization of space, the ideal shelving should be sturdy and strong. Gondola shelves are an ideal choice to match all those benchmarks. These shelves are designed with storeowners’ convenience in mind. This type of shelving comes with various features to match various retail stores including supermarkets and chemists.

Components for gondola shelves

Freestanding shelving unit

These shelving units have a sturdy base deck for sitting on the floor. The base has a vertical steel wall to back either side of the shelving unit. This backing piece can be left in its original state or require installing pegboard backing. Afterward, you can hang various items for display. Single units can be joined together with others to create a large display or left as standalone units.

Wall unit

With variation similar to double-sided gondola units, wall units have single shelving on one side. This allows placing the shelves against the wall. This allows displaying items without eating up too much space. Additionally, displaying items on this shelving unit makes them look more appealing and not easily missed by shoppers.


Used often with freestanding gondola units, the gondola shelving end cap offers more versatility and ease of set. The best thing about this type of shelving is the ability to showcase impulse buy items and specials. These shelves can be placed at the end of isles to better visibility and taking advantage of customers who always make impulse purchases.

Options for gondola shelves

Slatwall shelves

This is the most common type of gondola store display. It consists of horizontal slatwalls for accommodating shelving. Appropriate accessories including pegboard brackets and hooks are fitted to make the most of this shelving. There is a possibility to install individually standing gondola shelves or stacking them end to end to create aisles in your store.

Pegboard shelves

This highly versatile shelving is perforated with thousands of tiny holes and shelving brackets. Pegboard is designed to make it ideal for hanging items for display on hooks and pegs. These shelving units are for medium-duty displays and each might have a capacity of about 60 kg. Gondola shelves of this kind are ideal in grocery stores and chemist shops.

Mesh shelving

Another option for gondola shelves is this shop display with mesh grid panel. This is a low-cost option for store owners looking forward to versatility and practicality of gondola shelves. The best thing about mesh shelving is compatibility with other shelves and various display accessories. With this, you can make the most of your gondola shelves without worry about security of your items on display.

Other benefits to choose gondola shelves


The best thing about using gondola shelves is their space-saving feature. This shelving is assembled vertically on both sides. Gondola systems like the free-standing units allow store owners create aisles filled with products throughout the store. Stacking shelves vertically takes up less space while offering accessibility and practicality when displaying various items in little space.

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Easy to assemble

The practicality of gondola shelves extends to their quick and easy assembling. There is no need to call a professional to set up this shelving. This saves a significant amount you would have used to outsourcer shopfitters. Ease of assembly ensures that you can set up the display immediately it arrives without waiting for shopfitters. There is no need for installing wall mounts and every unit is easy to adjust.

Flexible shelving

This kind of shelving offers maximum flexibility. The units are movable throughout the store while the units are easy to adjust to various depths and heights. This allows getting a personalized display matching your merchandise. Gondola shelves come in various sizes and styles to make all display needs. This allows supermarkets and discount stores to sell various items frequently with ease of arrangement during restocking the displays.

Suitable everywhere

Gondola shelving is not for particular products or stores. These shelves allow easy display of various items attractively. This shelving is highly durable and supports about 150kg making it ideal for various stores including:

  • Pet stores
  • Hobby stores
  • Hardware stores
  • Convenience stores
  • Automotive stores
  • Petrol stations stores

Used with various accessories

Another thing about using gondola shelves availability of diving walls for use with pegboards and slatwalls. This gives store owners a chance to use displays better than regular retail shelving. Gondola shelves can work with units including:

  • Wire baskets for displaying magazine
  • Led lights for illuminating displays
  • Shelf dividers for splitting up shelf displays
  • Hanging pegs or hooks for displaying bags and accessories


Managing a business comes with various costs that might eat up your profits. Luckily, gondola shelves are a cost-effective display option for retail stores. These shelves are easy to maintain and come with a robust design to withstand many years of use. Keep in mind that this shelving is so easy to assemble without need for a professionals shopfitter. All these contribute to lowering the cost of investing and maintaining gondola shelves while effectively displaying your merchandise.


Choice of product display affects the rate of stock turnover. When shopping for shelving, gondola shelves are a wonderful option for cost-effectiveness, space-saving, and low maintenance.