A Guide to shopping in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is among the most stunning and popular travel destinations in the world offering countless awesome attractions for tourists to enjoy. Replete with awesome malls, trendy street markets, and hip boutiques, it’s also one of the best places for shopaholics to head to.


Even those who aren’t into shopping will be tempted to indulge in retail therapy here owing to the number of awesome items to buy. For first-timers to this incredible city, here’s a guide to shopping in Hong Kong. Take your pick from the most popular shopping streets to the best shopping malls in Hong Kong.

shopping in Hong Kong: Central District

This is the best and first place for shopaholics to head to. The place is full of swanky boutiques and trendy malls that sell just about anything and everything you’d possibly want to buy. But with such class comes a bit of a cost as well. There are plenty of international couture stores that sell some of the fanciest items at sky-high prices. If you’re not really into shopping then window-shopping is a good idea here. For those who love expensive stuff, this place is great. Plenty of famous New York designers have stores here and you’ll find reputed brands such as Louis Vuitton, Harvey Nichols, Lane Crawford, and Gucci among others.

Shopping in Hong Kong: Causeway Bay

This is one of the best and a bit affordable shopping streets in Hong Kong for those on a fixed budget. There are scores of shops, malls, and boutiques lining the sides of the street offering all kinds of goodies. Among these, Causeway’s most famous shopping haunts are SOGO and Time Square Shopping Mall with multiple floors and scores of shops. You’ll rarely find Causeway without a crowd and the place is perpetually buzzing with busy shoppers running about to find the best bargains. Weekend is the best time to head to this area as most stores have special offers this time around.

Shopping in Hong Kong: Mongkok

Although less glitzy than Causeway, Mongkok is still one of the best shopping areas in Hong Kong. A paradise for budgeters, this place is among the busiest streets in the world. You’ll be able to shop for all types of clothes, footwear, handbags, cosmetics, jewelry and fashion accessories among other things at the most reasonable rates. There are certain places where you can bargain as well and get good prices for the items you wish to buy. There is a part of the shopping street that’s dedicated to solely dealing in electronic items. However, while you can pick from a wide range of watches, mobiles and other electronic gadgets, don’t expect a warranty on the items.

Shopping in Hong Kong: Hollywood Road

This is the best place to head to if you wish to buy some of the most amazing Chinese contemporary art. Hollywood Road is among the most high-end residential areas in Hong Kong lined with a number of independent galleries, art boutiques, and plenty of bistros and restaurants. There is never a dull moment on the road with people perpetually being found either shopping, dining out, or having a great night out with friends. This is the best place where you can buy ceramics, antiques, furniture, and unique pottery items among other such things. Some of the antique shops here are over 100 years old and are definitely worth a visit even if you’re not looking to buy anything.

Shopping in Hong Kong: Sham Shui Po

A lesser-known but amazing place to shop in Hong Kong is the Sham Shui Po region of the city. Famed for being the best fabric market in Hong Kong, you can shop for some of the best cloth items here. However, bargaining is a bit tricky here as some of the shopkeepers aren’t well-versed in English. The most sought-after things here include fabric, cloth, and leather items among other things. While it’s referred to as the fabric market of Hong Kong, that isn’t the only thing one can buy here. There are also a range of shops that sell computer accessories, mobile gadgets and other electronic stuff. This is one of the cheapest markets for shopping in Hong Kong.

With so many incredible choices available when it comes to shopping in Hong Kong, this is undoubtedly one of the best cities in the world for shopaholics to visit. So if you happen to be a hardcore shopaholic, then book cheap flights and go have a blast shopping in the incredible city of Hong Kong!