Hammertoes – All you Need to Know

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What are“Hammertoes?”

A Hammertoe is a painful deformity occurring in toes that frequently forms on the second, third, or fourth toe. When one is suffering from this condition hammertoe, the end of their toe bends downward and the middle joint curls up. After some time the toe gets stuck in a claw-like position.

Hammertoe usually affects a person’s second toe but it can also affect other toes, too.

Major reason causing Hammertoes

The most common cause of hammertoes is the type of shoes worn; for instance like wearing short, narrow shoes that are too tight. This may cause the toe to bend upward. Muscles as well as tendons in the toe tighten and become shorter which may be painful. This would make the toe remain in the bent position. The ones who are born with long bones in their toe region are more likely to develop this disorder namely hammertoe. This condition might prevail in small children who wear shoes. Theones who wear very narrow shoes or high-heeled shoes are also more likely to develop a hammertoe. Pressure from a bunion can also cause a hammertoeThis disorder can also be caused by complications from rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, trauma to the foot, heredity, or a cerebral vascular accident.


One of the major symptoms of hammertoe is a toe that is bent upward at the middle joint. In starting you may still be able to straighten out your toe. But over time, it would become painful and harder to straighten the toe. When the inside area of your shoe rubs against a toe, corns, blisters or calluses may form. This may form on the top of the toe or the bottom of one’s foot. This could make walking painful, mainly with shoes on. You may also experience pain in the joint where your big toe joins your foot.

How is hammertoe treated

The treatment of the hammertoe depends on the complexity of the disorder.If it is not that severe then you can correct this disorder by wearing properly fitting shoes. In this condition, wearing toe pads or insoles in your shoes can help. These pads work by changing your toe’s position, which relieves pain and corrects the appearance of your toe. Never pop any blisters on your toes. Popping them can cause pain and infection. Use of OTC creams and cushions can relieve pain and keep blisters away from rubbing against the inside of your shoes.Gently stretching and exercising your toes can also help relieve pain and reposition the affected toe.

However, if the conditions are severe then surgery comes out to be the last option. Surgery includes repositioning the toe, removing deformed or injured bone, and realigning your tendons and joints.


So the bottom line is if you want to get prevented from any kind of toe disorder, you need to visit nearby podiatrist once or twice a month. For more information about hammertoe.