Hidden Costs to be Avoided During a Commercial Move

Generally our budget estimate of a commercial move ends up costing much more than the initial quotes, these costs are likely due to hidden costs. These hidden costs sometimes might be duplicitous. The first and foremost requirement of avoiding hidden costs is to hire a trustworthy, knowledgeable moving company. Following are some points that should be kept in mind while hiring a moving company.

Packing Equipment and Supplies

Sometimes movers charged for the equipment and supplies they use for the actual packing even after paying your movers to pack your office up. So it is very much advisable to ask initially whether the equipment and supplies are included within the packing charges to be sure about the total moving. You must not forget to ask about free moving boxes to your moving company to keep the cost minimum.

Heavy or Large Items

Movers generally charge extra for bulk and heavy items as they’re hard to handle and more difficult to move. To avoid any last minute hassle it is better to ask your movers to go through your offices and consider all the items that may be too large, heavy, or otherwise cumbersome and make sure to ask for a quote including all these items.

Charges for Using Stairs or Elevator

Many residential and commercial buildings charge for the use of stairs and elevators for moving heavy stuff. Using stairs is often free but using stairs make a move longer and more difficult. Be sure to talk to your mover in advance regarding the use of stairs and elevator.

Need of Specialists

Some expensive equipment and /or equipment connected to utilities like gas line need experts to handle them during the move. On request or if your movers find the need then they may hire experts for the job and those costs can be substantial. So always tell the details of your items to your mover in advance.

Possible Damage to Your Belongings

There is always a risk of getting your belongings damaged during a move especially if the movers are inexperienced then they may accidentally cause damage to your office furniture, equipment, and other physical assets. And if you do not have the insurance necessary to replace these items completely, be prepared for a big amount of money to either replace or repair the equipment. Be sure to hire a trustworthy moving company and don’t forget to buy a comprehensive moving insurance

Assembly and Disassembly Charges

Movers charge additional fee if furniture has to be assembled or disassembled as this often takes time and effort. This is also considered as a hidden cost as generally this is not mentioned in the agreement. You can easily save these extra charges by encouraging your employees to take apart their furniture before it is moved.

Weight and Capacity Fees

Professional movers generally charge based on either the weight of the move or the area of the truck used by your items. Some forge moving companies switch between weight costs and capacity costs as if they discover that the load is light, they may bill based on capacity. To avoid this kind of moving fraud, be sure to discuss it beforehand and make sure your contract specifies if the move will be paid based on weight or capacity.

Almost all professional and reputable movers discuss these hidden costs before the actual move. However, be aware if all these costs and talk to your movers regarding these costs to avoid unrealistic change in your estimated moving budget. You can also use moving cost calculator to find plan your budget and move efficiently.