Hiring the best candidate having strong reasoning ability

Gone are the days, when the hiring managers used to recruit any candidate that they come first across for any profile vacant. With competition increasing along with expenses, it has become crucial for each and every organization, irrespective of its size and domain to hire only the very best, talented, certified and experienced candidates for the job.

reasoning test

However, mere certificates will not be of much help, since the candidates also need to have strong logical reasoning ability in them to carry out the different activities assigned to them. Also, they need to face the issues, hassles and hindrances that come with the job and overcome it single handed to excel and to provide satisfactory results. This is of absolute importance for the overall success of the business. Moreover, it is this particular trait that the hiring managers tend to derive with their hiring process.

Use logical reasoning test as a screening tool to hire and recruit good candidates

According to the industry experts, the candidate having strong reasonability skills and abilities are sure to have the capability to make use of patient, consistent and steady approach to come to any particular conclusion. Also, the person needs to be good at solving structuring problems, facts and situations to conceive a proper and effective solution. Also, the candidate is required to possess strong analytical understanding and thinking process.

There are available in the market ready to use and customizable reasoning skills assessment tools. These are designed exclusively to evaluate lateral thinking skills to determine if the candidate is in a position to offer appropriate solutions to the problems faced in an efficient manner. Some of the key competitions that can be measured using the tool are:

  • Logical reasoning: It determines if the candidate is in a position to identify the patterns present in any given data for taking appropriate business decisions.
  • Analytical reasoning: It helps to determine if the candidate is logically structuring any given problem or not to arrive at a specific conclusion to evaluate different alternatives.

Customized reasoning test

The truth is that not all organizations and positions will require the same type of test to be conducted on the candidates. Different profiles and domains will require different types of testing tools. Also, the kind of job and the domain of the business will also determine the type of tool necessary. Hence, for such organizations and positions to be filled in, there will be a necessary customized reasoning test. These days, there have emerged numerous professionals who do help their corporate clients by developing new tests, based on their specific requirements, right from scratch! Discussing with the subject matter experts is sure to prove to be beneficial.

What is the test used for?

This test can be used by organizations and recruiters alike to hire fresh candidates, ranging from different educational background to fill up various types of functional roles like executive level, managerial and team lead profiles, etc. This test is considered to be appropriate for those candidates having work experience of about 0-2 years.

Some key profiles that will find the test useful

  • Management trainees
  • Sales associates / sales executive
  • Entry level roles

What are abstract reasoning tests?

The abilities and aptitude skills of the aspiring candidates are measured by numeric and verbal reasoning skills. They can be related easily to the real world jobs and tasks, since most of the jobs do require degree of skills with numbers and words. But abstract reasoning tests comprise of questions having no or very little application in real world scenario. Still such question types do appear in most management aptitude test.

Such test is not new and tends to date back to researches conducted by psychologist Charles Spearman during the 1920s. He used statistical technique known as factor analysis for examining relationships between sub-tests of intelligence or on different tests between people’s scores. According to his theory, people performing well in few intelligence tests are likely to do well on others like spatial abilities, mathematics and vocabulary. However, those performing poorly on the intelligence test are likely to be poor on the other intellectual tests also. Hence, he was of the opinion that more than one factor are present which are found common to all types of intellectual tasks. Hence, he came up with two factor intelligence theory. He also stated that intelligence is actually the innate ability towards perceiving relationships and to deduce co-relationships. Therefore, if the word ‘educe’ is replaced with ‘work out’, then it is quite understandable why questions related to abstract reasoning can be viewed as excellent to measure general intelligence. This is because, they are able to test individual ability to view relationships and to work out co-relationships, but without requiring any type of knowledge in mathematics or language.

Such tests are termed to be of specific value as the job requires dealing with abstract concepts or ideas that is commonly noticed in technical jobs. At the same time, they also offer the very best measure of the general intellectual abilities and are used widely. Any type tests given by the hiring managers are sure to have such questions in them

Where is it applied?

The tests are valued specifically where the job involves the following:

  • Requires higher degree of issue solving
  • Having to deal with complex concepts or data
  • To develop policies or strategies
  • To perform non-routine tasks where there is required self-initiative

Through this test tool, it becomes possible for the recruiters to evaluate the candidate’s ability to gauge and understand the different complex concepts as well as to assimilate new information that is beyond previous experiences. Some of the questions tend to comprise of items that require the candidate to recognize the similarities and patterns present between figures and shapes. As a reasoning measure, this test is independent of the cultural and educational background of the individual. It is rather used to offer the hiring managers and recruiters with an indication of the candidate’s intellectual potential.