How Can I Get Rid Of Loose Vagina Post Pregnancy?

A female’s vagina goes through lots of changes during pregnancy and after childbirth. The vagina is designed in a way that it easily expands during normal vaginal delivery. A woman can feel her vagina to be enlarged, loose, sore and even dry post her normal delivery. A number of hormones are released in a female’s body during her pregnancy period and delivery.

Many hormonal reactions occur in the body as well. Estrogen increases the blood flow in the vagina and maintains elasticity as well as helps the vagina in expansion and contraction during normal delivery. Due to this, the vagina becomes stretchable to a large extent that it allows the child to be pushed out. Relaxin is another hormone that is released during childbirth, which relaxes the pelvic ligaments and softens as well as widens the cervix that lets the baby come out easily and comfortably. Estrogen and Relaxin hormones play an extremely important role during childbirth.

Every female experiences some complications after normal childbirth, including loose vagina. That is why, gynaecologists advise the females to take good care of their vagina post normal delivery. The vagina needs proper care as it goes through so much changes during the childbirth. Almost all the complications are recovered by the body itself within a few weeks after the childbirth. However, the looseness in the vagina remains the same. In this case, the gynaecologist recommends laser vaginal tightening procedure as it can help the woman get rid of her loose vagina.

What Is Laser Vaginal Tightening Procedure

Laser vaginal tightening procedure is medically known as vaginal rejuvenation or vaginoplasty. This is a cosmetic procedure that aims to tone and tighten the loose vagina. Generally, this is a non-reconstructive technique and its primary goal is to strengthen the vagina and reshape it if needed, so that results are aesthetic and appealing. Precisely, vaginoplasty is almost like a face lift surgery for your vagina. Vaginoplasty also refers to the medical technique which is used in re-creating a vagina that is called neovagina and it literally translates to “new vagina”.

You can get back your firm and tight vagina in just a matter of 20 minutes with the help of laser vaginal tightening procedure. This whole procedure is absolutely painless and has almost no chances of complications during or after the procedure. Due to looseness of the vagina, many couples face hard times in their relationships. This can be quite painful and even embarrassing for the female. But laser vaginal tightening can end all these problems in a matter of no time. You will see instant results just after undergoing this procedure. The whole procedure of laser vaginal tightening takes around 4-6 sessions to complete, depending upon the condition of your vagina.

During laser vaginal tightening procedure, the gynaecologist tightens the vaginal walls and strengthens the ligaments, muscles and fascia inside the birth canal with the help of a laser beam. Your gynaecologist will also use laser technology to heat the connective tissues in the vaginal wall, which allows the tissues to remodel themselves that lead to the formation of collagen, resulting in tightening of the vagina.

Benefits Of Laser Vaginal Tightening

There are several benefits of undergoing a laser vaginal tightening procedure. Below are the major benefits of this procedure in the sexual life of a woman. 

Enhances Sex Drive

If you have lost your sex drive then you can get it back with the help of laser vaginal tightening procedure. This cosmetic procedure enables the hormone release that restores your libido or sex drive. It also helps in restoring vaginal sensitivity that has become dull over the years.

Improves Relationships With Partners

A number of relationships fall apart due to unsatisfactory sexual relations. Laser vaginal tightening procedure tightens your vagina which improves the quality of sexual intercourse. This helps both the partners to have maximum sexual pleasure. If you are facing such issues during sexual intercourse, you should definitely go for laser vaginal tightening procedure.

Restores Vagina’s Youthful Appearance

With the help of the vaginal tightening procedure, the appearance of vagina can be easily reconstructed and be given a youthful appearance. A large number of middle-aged women choose this cosmetic procedure to beautify their vagina and its surrounding area. This procedure can be easily carried out on low costs without compromising with the quality of the results. Vaginal tightening procedure has given freedom to women to enhance the beauty of their intimates and feel more comfortable and confident.

Increases Sexual Confidence

It has been reported by females that they feel happy and confident about their sexual life post laser vaginal tightening procedure. Not only this, they also no longer feel insecure of their intimates but cherish and take pride in it. Increased confidence after laser vaginal tightening procedure gives them a necessary boost to love their sexual life. If you feel insecure of your sexual life, laser vaginal tightening procedure can be the best option for you.

Heightens Orgasm

A healthy and tight vagina increases the friction during sexual intercourse, which is highly pleasurable for both the partners. Laser vaginal tightening procedure increases the level of orgasm a female experiences during sexual intercourse. Apart from all this, laser vaginal tightening procedure boosts the self-esteem of a female to the next level. Females find themselves to be reinvigorated after undergoing this cosmetic procedure. This increases the psychological confidence of a female and offers her a sense of satisfaction with her sexuality.

The laser vaginal tightening is a non-invasive and non-surgical procedure that can help you in reducing the impact of multiple childbirth or hormonal changes that affect your vagina badly. Undergoing this cosmetic procedure neither weakens your body nor you require extensive rest. You can resume your daily routine just after a few hours of your laser vaginal tightening procedure. You can even observe the positive impact of this laser treatment immediately.

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