How does a Phone Cover Help OnePlus 6T?

OnePlus 6T proved to be the best phone for its price. Customers loved the design in particular along with several other features of the phone. The full-screen display of the phone was much appreciated. Even the neat back panel adds to the look of the phone the phone  does not lack software functionalities. The processor along with the storage makes OnePlus the talk of the town.

But all these features come at a price and it is more than logical to protect the phone externally to avoid any malfunctions. Thus, purchasing OnePlus 6T covers is extremely beneficial for the phone. Given below are some points how OnePlus 6T phone cover will benefit the phone.


The phone has a large screen with HD resolution. Customers can switch to the reading mode that does not cause much harm to the eyes. OnePlus 6T comes with a gorilla glass but it is prone to scratches just like every other phone. Therefore, a phone cover will keep the display away from severe scratches and affecting the screen.

Back panel

The back panel is available in various finishes such as mirror-black finish. It will be a shame not to protect its premium finish with a back cover. A phone cover will help the phone look newer for a longer period of time. Moreover, the phone cover has anti-scratch properties and is printed with high-definition quality so that the user does not have to invest in a phone cover often.  


OnePlus 6T has a big battery which makes it quite heavy till the user gets used to it. So there are high chances of the customer dropping the phone or the phone slipping from the user’s hands accidentally. A phone cover will minimise the effect of the drop on the phone.


The phone is equipped with snapdragon octa-core chipset, which allows the seamless functions of the software. It is also equipped with Smart Boost which caches data of the frequently used apps and reduces the app launch time to up to 20%. Moreover, the Oxygen OS uplifts the user experience. The software is the core of any phone, and a few drops can cause it to malfunction, making the phone less handy and sometimes, close to useless. A phone cover can help the software of a OnePlus 6T phone stay intact as much as possible.

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OnePlus 6T is renowned for its picture-taking abilities. The phone has a 16MP front camera and a combination of 16MP and 20MP rear cameras, allowing it to take breathtaking pictures of high quality. Users do not need to worry about the effect of phone covers on the camera as these covers are specially designed for OnePlus and therefore, the camera’s performance isn’t affected with the use of phone cases.


The smooth surface of the phone cover does not interfere with any of its functionalities, be it face-unlocking or fingerprint sensors. The cover’s matte finish increases the comfort of handling the phone.

Apart from benefitting the phone in so many ways, customers need to keep in mind that the OnePlus 6T is not water resistant and equipping it with a phone cover will only aid the phone further.  Several portals offer various OnePlus 6T covers that can not only protect the phone but serve as a style statement. These designer phone covers are incredibly stylish and customers get to choose from a wide range of varieties.