How does a Qualified Equipment Manager add Value to a Golf Course?

The task of golf course management has undergone a considerable jump. It’s primarily due to a change in the technology of golf course equipment and the shift towards a profit-making mindset. The market orientation has shifted towards the customer. As a result, to attract more golfers, the manager has to listen to them. Now, customers prefer only a professional golfing setup. But how do you sustain the championship-like golfing stage for them? 

There are some strategies that not only adhere to customers’ expectations but also protect the environment. Provided there is a dedicated staff working on the course taking care of responsibilities to operate. By operations, we mean a lot of things. So, let’s discuss them one by one and how a qualified equipment manager influences them in a better way. 

Turf conditioning and health sustainability

The balance of firmness, speed, color, looks, uniformity depends upon how the golfer expects it. A qualified equipment manager will implement effective methods to accumulate the resources required. He will try to transform any golf course into an asset for an incredible golfing experience for anyone. It requires a sophisticated equipment fleet with grass height, area, pattern, exactly known to the manager. To precisely cut and maintain the turfgrass, an adequately adjusted golf course mower would go a long way. But a blunt mower will injure the turfgrass and create a frayed appearance. This is especially significant for golf courses operating at higher levels where there’s a negligible margin for error. 

Equipment maintenance

The upkeep of maintenance equipment is equally important. Any golf course doesn’t want to incur costs on reviving its fleet. The existing ones must work properly for as long as possible. The golf course equipment manager must recruit a team of technical equipment managers. The recruitment terms and conditions must stress upon their competence in this field. As one person cannot possess every kind of knowledge about the golf course, the manager must decentralize the technical maintenance process. 


What if you could save cost on leasing golf equipment and saving on a purchase? An equipment manager can save a lot of costs in many ways. That’s exactly what an able equipment manager does. It’s not wrong to say that as compared to the salary given to an equipment manager, the cost saved is much higher. Every piece of equipment goes through a detailed study at the end. As a result, you can sweat the most out of any equipment without getting it over fatigued. Only required equipment is purchased rather than stuffing the golf course with something new and expensive. 

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Facility management and promotion

Unless and until any golf course facility adjusts according to customers’ needs, it can’t be popular in a region. Facility maintenance enhances its flexibility to make alterations just as the customers suggest. Right from preventive measures, equipment repair, supervision division of every other luxury amenities, golfers are taken care of precisely. And who doesn’t want a clean and organized golfing stage where they have luxury amenities? Everyone loves it. Right? This aids in regular promotion with word of mouth from daily visitors. 

Other skills

The technical team has got to have enough computer knowledge. Any other manager in a non-technical field must be proficient in organization and planning of equipment inventory and utilization. It can save a lot of cost of purchasing and reviving equipment every now and then. He must have the knowledge to detect which part of the machine is creating a hindrance. He must be able to supervise the regular working of equipment to avoid repair costs. Some qualities of an equipment manager include innovative, team-builder, problem-solving, early comprehension, initiative taker, etc. 

So, with these points, we can clearly see how a competent manager can handle something as complicated as a golf course. The extra salary for a golf course manager will always be less than the cost saved. And the difference widens in the long term.