What Are Things That Make A Wedding Beautiful? How Is The Punjabi Wedding Done?

Rituals, traditions, and customs are the things that make a wedding beautiful. There are so many different types of rituals and traditions that take place at a wedding. Each religion or state has different styles of doing marriages. There are 3 types of rituals that take place at a wedding.

  1. Pre-wedding rituals: Pre-wedding rituals are those rituals that take place before the wedding ceremony.
  2. Wedding day rituals: These are the rituals that take place on the same day as the wedding.
  3. Post-wedding rituals: These are the rituals that take place after the wedding ceremony. These are the different types of rituals that are held at a wedding.

Sikh matrimony is best it will help people to find the right bride and groom according to their choices. Some of the rituals of a Punjabi wedding ceremony are mentioned below:

  1. Rokka: This is the first wedding ritual, that takes place in a Sikh wedding. in this ritual both the families meet each other and do matchmaking. Matchmaking is done according to the stars. This ceremony is followed by Shagun ceremony.
  2. Shagun: This is ritual in which both the mother-in-law of the bride and groom shower them with the money, dresses etc. this ceremony is referred to as Shagun ceremony because this is the starting ceremony before the wedding.
  3. Engagement: This is a ritual in which both the bride and groom offer rings to each other. This ritual is full of fun and enjoyment as because people dance on DJ’s to celebrate happiness.
  4. Mehndi/Sangeet: This is a ritual in which the hands of the bride and groom are adorned with Mehndi. On, the other side people dance and sing a song to show their happiness. This ritual is followed by the Jaggo ceremony.
  5. In Jaggo, all the family members gather say boliyan and do the giddha and bhangra on that. This is a ritual that takes place just one day before the wedding.
  6. Vatna: This ritual is also referred to as Haldi ritual. This is a ritual in which both the bride and groom are applied a fine paste of turmeric on their faces and bodies. After, that they are taken for a bath. This is a ritual that takes place on the same day of the wedding.
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After, Vatna Anand Karaj takes place. Sikh wedding or Punjabi wedding is referred to as Anand Karaj. In the Sikh wedding, the bride and groom take three Lavan round the Shri Guru Granth Sahib.

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  • Viddai: In this ritual, the bride is sent to the groom’s house and a tearful goodbye is given to her at the Viddai ceremony. After reaching the groom’s house the bride is welcomed by her mother in law. She puts oil on the corners of the door to welcome the new bride.
  • Reception: This is a ceremony which is given by the groom’s family to the relatives to announce that the wedding is done.