How to Build Math Confidence for Class 11 Students?

Math topics include concepts and reasoning. It requires intellectual potential to deal with numerical calculations. Class 11 is a higher level of education. Some topics, introduced in high school like sets, sequence and series, etc. are easy to master. But there are many concepts in which students find difficulties to understand, for example, limits and derivatives. It makes them lack their belief in themselves to learn Maths. Hence, they must retrieve it and become an expert in a particular subject. Here is how parents and teachers can help those student gain their confidence.

Experiment and Creativity

Teachers and parents can employ different methods or techniques of education. For instance, to explain conic sections, they can use a maths model and describe each section such as circle, ellipse, parabola and hyperbola creatively.


Teaching is another way students can improve their capabilities of learning. Teachers should encourage students to teach the topics in which they feel have confidence and explain it better in the class.

Practising Problems

For any topic, taught in the class, a student is able to understand it finely only if he/she practices more questions based on it. Solving these questions will help them to boost their problem-solving skills. They can also prefer additional books published by different scholars or writers.

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Online Learning

Teachers can also recommend students to learn from learning websites and educational apps. As there are many online portals available for learning, it has become an easy way to acquire knowledge. These websites also consist of video tutorials and images will help to explain the topic more easily. Like for example, if students want to learn about the perimeter and area of different shapes and figures, then can visualize each shape in these videos understanding the cross-sections and thus quickly getting the dimensions.

Real-World Applications

Maths plays a vital role in the real world. From simple calculations at home to major one at an industrial level, there is a numerous amount of applications of Maths. Hence, if we students relate each topic or concept explained in class to the real world, it would be easy for them to remember the topic.