How To Buy And Invest In Argyle Diamonds

The thought “How to Buy and Invest in Argyle Diamonds” is a fascinating one to make rich profits and financial security. However, not many people are aware of its history, types, and a place where they could get authentic and rare argyle diamonds.

Indeed, the abundance availability of these diamonds throughout the world posses a threat over genuine diamonds. Wouldn’t you want to buy authentic pink diamonds to increase your investments? If yes, this article will put light on the aspects of buying and investing in argyle diamonds.

Prospective History

Argyle diamonds are the product of the Argyle mine in the western part of Australia. The mine has been functional since 1983 after its establishment in 1973 at the remote East Kimberley. It is probably the biggest mine in the world, with around 8 million carats of rough diamonds production for worldwide consumption. This mine also is the largest for naturally occurring coloured diamonds.

Even with such a large production scale, the pink, red, blue, and violet tones from the Argyle mine are rare. These diamonds have a unique composition because Argyle pipe, the volcanic pipe comprised of olivine lamproite, is the reason behind their distinctive natural state.

Deep Sources

Diamonds take billions of years to form. However, in fact, the coloured ones take unfamiliar conditions to form. Some observed results showcase a result of impurities trapped in the crystal lattice.

Presently, a larger part of these diamonds originates from the Argyle mine. This mine is the single leading source that has the largest inventory of coloured diamonds.

Famous Ones

The Argyle mine alone produces practically about 90% of the quality diamonds. In fact, it is well known more for its pink ones with distinctive qualities. Other diamonds from the mine are:

  • Argyle Alpha
  • The Argyle Pink Jubilee
  • Pink Sunrise
  • Rarity Value

Some Important Facts

  • Five per cent of the found opts for gem-quality diamonds.
  • About 400,000 carats of premium stones are from the Argyle mine.
  • Eighty percent of diamonds are 16 yellow, 3 percent grey, 2 percent white, and only one percent pink.

With such rare analytics, it’s understandable that Argyle diamonds are collectible and have highly profitable investment value.

The Argyle Diamonds

The pink, blue, red, and violet diamonds are the rarest. Not many mines in the world produce such quantity as the Argyle mine.

Intensity Grades

The grades for Argyle diamonds are known as “The Argyle Colour Grading System.” The GIA grades for Argyle diamonds are:

  • Faint; Very Light; Light
  • Fancy Light; Fancy; Fancy Intense
  • Fancy Vivid; Fancy Dark or Fancy Deep

Argyle Grading

The pink diamonds come in these colours:

  • PP – Purplish Pink
  • P – Pink
  • PR – Pink Rose
  • PC – Pink Champagne

And, the red ones in:

  • Red
  • Purplish Red

Connect with an expert like for pink diamonds investments. Undoubtedly, rare and less production always have the upper hands over cost. It is essential to take note of the high value of Argyle diamonds is on contributing component to their irregularities, a contributing element to an increase in prices. Not every one of the diamonds from the Argyle mine is on the market.