How to celebrate the Diwali Festival with maintaining Social Distancing?

The outbreak of Coronavirus has changed the lifestyle of people drastically while making social distancing the new normal. Until we find a vaccine, social distancing is the only effective way to fight this deadly virus. Celebrating festivals and special occasions is not the same anymore. It has become obligatory to take safety measures all the time, especially during festivals. Diwali is considered the most auspicious and special occasion of the year.

It is a festival of lights, signifying the triumph of good over evil, and light over the darkness. Earlier on this day, people gathered to celebrate this joyous occasion by lighting diyas, decorating their houses, distributing sweets, visiting their loved ones, and offering gifts to express their love and compassion. However, this year Diwali has to be celebrated differently to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. If you are wondering how to keep the spirit of the Diwali celebration alive white still maintaining social distancing here is the answer.

Order the necessary items online:

You can avoid stepping out of your home by ordering all the necessary items online. You can purchase elegant, handcrafted decorative items, diyas, online diwali gifts, and everything else you need. This is the best way to avoid coming in contact with a lot of people and exposing yourself to the virus.

Online shopping saves you from the hassle of visiting shop after shop looking for ideal decorative items and save your time too. You can explore the huge collection of a variety of decorative items and gifts online, and pick the ones that interest you. You can make the payment online and avoid paying in cash.

The items will be delivered at your doorstep safely. Through online shopping, you can also send gifts to your friends and loved ones. Most online stores offer a wide range of sweets, chocolates, and a box of gifts designed especially for the occasion of Diwali. You can express your love, happiness, and compassion with your relatives and close ones, by ordering these online and getting it delivered directly to their address.

Celebrate within your home:

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Today, celebrating this festival of lights within your home is a necessity rather than a choice. When everything can be bought online safely, while staying in the comfort of your home, there will be no need to step out. This year celebrate Diwali within your home and only with your family. Avoid visiting your relatives or friends as the chances of getting infected are high when you step out and come in contact with other people. Through virtual communication, you can easily greet your friends and relatives. Do not step out to burst crackers or distribute sweets, to ensure the safety of your family members and others too. On this occasion, you can bring together your family members by making your own handmade decorative items, helping each other to prepare the sweets and other delicacies, and enhance the spirit of celebration by lighting diyas in and around your home.

Take a pledge to celebrate eco-friendly Diwali:

As mentioned above, avoid bursting of crackers as it can harm the environment, elderly people, and pets. This Diwali as nature has started healing and has made it obligatory to stay at home, take a pledge to celebrate an eco-friendly Diwali henceforth. Purchase eco-friendly oil diyas instead of using candles, decorative items to enhance the beauty of your home. Look for biodegradable items that do not have any harsh effects on the environment, people, or animals. When choosing online diwali gifts, for your friends, relatives, and family, ensure that you do not give any items made of non-biodegradable materials.

Even during this Coronavirus pandemic, you can celebrate Diwali with the same enthusiasm, and spirit of joy and happiness. Stay at home and celebrate the festival by utilizing the facility of online shopping, and virtual communication. Remember, social distancing is the only way to stay safe and healthy.