How to Enhance the Volume of Your Hair

Most of us feel how we can increase the natural growth of our hair or even look out for tips on how to increase their volume. The crowning glory most of us possess might reduce in volume and density. Issues like hormonal imbalance, genetic issues or dandruff could be the reason for hair loss. Stick to the use of best shampoo for dandruff for men in India as issues of dandruff is dealt in an amicable manner. No point to spend your money on exorbitant gels creams or oil that promise a lot but are limited in terms of results.

The better news is that if you stick to a simple diet and incorporate a few changes in your lifestyle, the volume of hair becomes thick and volume prone in nature. Just stick to the following remedies to increase the natural growth of hair. No point in ignoring the tips as they add natural volume to your hair with less effort and cost. They are going to advice you on how to go for a healthy hair.

Ways by which you can increase the volume of your hair

 Genetics, hormones and even stress can make you lose hair within a small passage of time. Yes your hair would have been a lot thicker when you were young. With aging our hair also tends to age. The use of hair dryers can cause hair damage over a period of time.

The key is how to increase your hair volume in a natural way. An initial task would be to address the root cause of the disease. You need to ensure that the diet is providing you with nutrients along with vitamins needed for the strength of your hair.

A cautious approach towards the use of shampoos

Most of us often wonder how many times we need to shampoo our hair in a week. A cautious approach would work in such cases. If you are having an oily scalp you need to wash your hair daily. In other cases shampooing 3 times in a week would be enough. If you are suffering from dandruff then go for the use of an anti dandruff shampoo for men India as instant results are assured. After every session of shampooing apply conditioner on your hair. Conditioning is expected to make your hair manageable and does not tangle. It has to be applied at least 1 to 2 inches from the scalp.

Oil massage

It is really good to massage your hair as it enhances blood circulation and makes hair roots healthy. Your hair has to be massaged with warm oil always. You even need to massage your hair with fingers in a circular motion. Always stick to the use of coconut oil when you are massaging your hair. To reduce hair fall castor oil is a better choice. Apart from conditioning your hair after the use of hair oil put it in a warm towel for a few minutes. This routine is one of the best remedies for hair gain.