How To Find The Right Locum Tenens Position

It might need more than just looking for a locum position to find the right solution for your specific needs.

First, you need to ask some questions and take steps to make sure you find a good job.

1. Be clear about your priorities

Do you want more experience in a particular area or are you looking for an additional income?

These are some of the main reasons for trying to get a locum position. You should be aware of your goals and talk to a locum tenens company about the best locations and positions for them.

Do you only want to travel and work in certain places? Or are you looking for a temporary job until you move or retire?

Being able to honestly answer these questions can help focus the search and be more targeted in the decisions you make.

Top agencies usually have a list of positions, locations and conditions to choose from, as well as a detailed description of each position.

2. What is your timeline?

Do you need to start working immediately? If so, you might need to search for local assignments in states where you already have a license. Physicians already licensed in one of the states that participate in the IMLC (Interstate Medical Licensing Compact) will probably find the approval process simpler.

Your flexibility regarding the location and other aspects of the work will ensure that you can start working sooner rather than later. But you may need some patience, so discuss with the recruiter the work environments, facilities, and conditions that will most likely get you off to a fast start.

3. Work with a recruiter who supports your goals

Most locum tenens practitioners are in relationships with recruiters working for an agency. These relationships are crucial for the support you need, but they are not the only ones.

By discussing your goals with the recruiter, you can search and choose from publicly advertised and unadvertised positions.
• Are there any particular procedures you want to learn?
• Is there a specific working environment you want to gain experience in?
• Will your family and pets travel with you?

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Such questions should be asked before you find the job that best suits you, but your recruiter will often be able to give you detailed information on job offers.

4. More opportunities

Greater choice and expertise make it easier to find your dream job. While national locum agencies have emerged in the last few years, you can focus on a specific region, group or specialty. Often, large national agencies have the ability to provide a full-service recruitment option.

Many such companies have been in business for decades and have built relationships with the healthcare system and are ready to help you choose from a variety of options.

5. Maintain control

Another area that many consider vital is flexibility in the choice of tasks, which is very desirable. So let the recruiter know that you are interested in a job with a high degree of flexibility, but not too much commitment to the job.

As a locum tenens practitioner, you can enjoy a greater degree of freedom in deciding where and when you work.

6. Dive into the details

If you find a potential job interesting, try to get an interview. But don’t forget to check the small print before making a final decision.

Be sure to read the terms and conditions of the payment plan. If you do not understand this, ask questions.

One final tip: experienced locum tenens practitioners recommend consulting a lawyer to protect your interests.