How to get an online visit from your doctor in quarantine?

Visiting a doctor during quarantine can be a challenging task during a pandemic. But Online doctor consultation has come as a viable alternative for people to conveniently get a diagnosis and prescription while remaining safe at home. You should especially not head out if you are ill during quarantine because it puts the society as well as yourself at a higher risk.

Companies like Bajaj Finserv Health understand this concern and have put a team of experienced doctors at your disposal through online medical consultations. You can now get your diagnosis and subsequently get rid of worries right from the comforts of your home. 

Apart from this being a feasible and highly beneficial option for people in quarantine, it also solves the problems of people who don’t have proper health care.

Online doctor consultation can address several health needs like:

  • Instant care and quick diagnosis for rashes and sinus
  • Prenatal care
  • First Aid
  • Primary Care
  • Diabetes Management
  • Regulation of Blood Pressure
  • Urgent care of Covid and Flu

Most people have reported a positive experience when they consult experts from the field online. Another benefit is that you can get online medical consultation from the best of specialists.

Would An Online Dr Consultation Work For You?

You can fix questions on minor issues like rashes, sore throat or other minor illnesses. The method is particularly effective in solving nonemergencies or getting an idea of what the condition can mean.

You would get the preliminary overview or treatment online but might have to physically consult the doctor and post your first online chat with the doctor. Some issues though require a physical visit right from the start.

For instance, conditions like abdominal pain, possibilities of heart attack and blood tests can only be fulfilled on a physical visit.

Do You Need An Appointment For An Online Visit?

Some companies provide the option of emergency consultations while typically you’d have to book an appointment. Booking an appointment is typically easy as you just have to fill the details online.

You would have to wait for the first available doctor after Booking doctor appointment. You should also be ready with relevant medical tools like a thermometer and so as and when you need.

You will find the steps to prepare for an e consultation later in the article. 

When the time of the appointment arrives, you would get proper instructions from your clinic on turning on the video and joining the online chat with the doctor.

Preparation For Online Consultation

You should plan ahead of the meeting to get the best out of your online dr consultation. You need to be ready just like you do in an in-person visit using the following tips:

  • Download the proper software and join exactly at the time of the meeting. Be ready with your connection and device 10 minutes before you book a doctor appointment as the doctor won’t extend the meeting.
  • Find an area of the home where the Internet connection is strong if you’re using mobile data. Also, make sure that your tablet, phone or laptop has enough battery or a charger around.
  • Check your headset, camera and microphone properly before you book doctor appointments. Any distortions would only lead to confusion and time waste
  • Set the camera of your device around the eye level for the doctor to see properly
  • Have someone to help you in the conversation during the online medical consultation. 


When you place an appointment, elaborate on the reason for your visit and the costs it will incur. Keep your old prescriptions or list of medicines and supplements for complete health solutions. That would help you get the best out of your online visit.