How to Get Over a Breakup?

Okay, let’s get this straight. Breaking up sucks. It sure does. Thinking about your life and not having that very special person in it anymore is really distressing. For you, that person was the best relationship you ever had.

Break Up

But for a minute, just a minute, sit back and think why did it end? If that person was the best, why are you not together anymore? Ask yourself, is it worth crying for the person who put you in this state?

Yes, relationships are wonderful. You have the best time of your life. You start thinking that he/she is the one. That, it is going to work finally. And then one day, it’s all over.

You need to understand that everything is not in your control. Best of the relationships also end. And after all this, moving on is the only option.

In this article, I am going to discuss three important steps that will help you to take to get over a breakup and move on.

  1. Accept the reality

Accept that it is over. You are not going to see that person ever again in your life. You have to start living on your own.

I know this is extremely hard. But what you have to realize is that everything was not right. There was something that led to the break up. Think about that terrible thing. It will help you understand that there was a good enough reason for it to end, and now it’s over.

Accept that the perfect person in your life broke your heart and left you traumatizing. That they are not perfect and you can live without them.

  1. Cut off all contacts

Once you have accepted that whatever happened has happened for good, you are good to move on to next step. This step is extremely difficult but necessary.

You have to cut off everything that makes you remember that person. The gifts, phone numbers, chats, cards and anything that is related to them.

Cutting off everything would make sure that you least think about them. There would be no reason or thing that will make you think about them. Even if you two have decided to stay friends, please don’t. It will worsen things more.

  1. Move on

Now that you have accepted it and have cut all the stuff that makes you think about them, it’s time to move on.

Yeah, it’s time to get normal again. The initial moments after a breakup are dreadful. You think that everything is over and there is no point in living. But this is the time that you have to make an intelligent decision.

Instead of crying over your life, do something that will distract you from this. Even for a little while. Call your best friend. Go out and engage yourself in something. Even if it’s something small, it will help you not to think about it for a little while.

Once you are over with initial shock, start thinking about future. Engage yourself in something that makes you happy. Meet your best friends more often. It will make you realize that there is so much more to life than a breakup.

Listen to what Joey (friends) says: Thinking that there is only one person you can love is thinking like there is only one flavor of ice cream. Remember, there are lot’s of flavors of ice cream. And you have to keep looking for that perfect flavor.