How to Get the Accurate Cost of Packers & Movers

Have you been dealing with the problem of getting the accurate cost of packers and movers? Every person looks for the standard list of charges for relocating assistance to cross-check his budget. To know the exact charges in Gurgaon, you need to collect the data from 3-4 service providers regarding the prevailing prices. It can give you a brief idea about the overall prices including the packing & loading assistance, warehouses facilities, insurance policy, etc.

How to Save Money on Moving

On the other hand, home shifting companies conduct “in-home” Pre-Move Survey to decide the prices in return for their services. The shifting cost is totally depending upon the size of the house whether it is of 1 BHK, 2 BHK, 3 BHK or 4 BHK. Then, these companies can decide the accurate price of relocation along with the other shifting amenities.

Pre-Move Survey – An Overview

A Pre-Move Survey is a recce conducted by the relocating companies before providing accurate charges. In such a survey, the packers and movers in Gurgaon or other places visit the home and have a glance at all the items so as to maintain an inventory of them. This encourages them to discuss the extra amenities required for some particular belongings.

Now, let us discuss the procedure of Pre-Move Survey that would help you to enlighten yourself for future hiring of any relocating assistance:

  • Once, you decide the date of shifting, the assigned team experts will reach your home on a pre-arranged date & time to make a note of all the moving items.
  • If you are planning to leave some of the household items behind, then you have to intimate those experts right at the moment.
  • While everything happened nicely, you need to discuss a few things by sitting with the team comfortably. You should discuss certain points such as date of moving, time, duration, quality of packing required, insurance policy, and storage amenities.

Apart from this, there are some applicable taxes and additional charges that the professional team will tell you after detecting the request for services. With parallel to this, the mover will provide you with a total price for the entire movie.

Benefits of Getting a Price List after Revealing Your Valuables

  • You can have an absolute list of pricing in different situations.
  • There will be no hidden charges for future concerns.
  • As the movers are present in front of you, you can directly negotiate the charges and reach a reasonable cost straightaway.
  • You can be ensured easily that you have handed over your valuables in the safest hands or not.
  • There will be no chances of communication gap which can generate a drastic problem in the future.
  • You and the mover company can accomplish a relocating process more understandingly if you communicate accordingly.

Points to Ponder

  1. This Pre-Move Survey will be completely free of cost.
  2. Under this process, you can ask for the written invoices from all the companies.
  3. It is not necessary that you can only avail of one survey with only one service provider. Rather, you can get multiple companies for conducting this survey.
  4. Please note that you are not compiled to choose particular packers and movers who are conducting a survey at your home. You are free to go to some others as well if you want. The choice will be all yours.

After a deep analysis and comparing the cost of different relocating assistance, you can select the services that are looking suitable for your transit. Here, you can also consider some of the tips and tricks that can mitigate the prices of your dream relocation.

Here, we are presenting some hit and trial techniques to abolish the excessive cost burden over the shoulders of a customer.

4 Basic Tips to Mitigate the Home Shifting Charges

All you need to know a couple of things before finalizing your kind of company. Have a look at the following techniques:

  • Declutter: Start filtering the items. This means that what you need to bring with you to the new house, take only those materials. The items that are not in use start donating them to poor people. This can leads to small luggage. So, smaller the luggage, lesser will be the charges.
  • Relocate on Weekday: Of course, moving on a weekday especially in the middle of the month will definitely curb the prices as compared to the moving on weekends.
  • Plan Months Before: Generally, planning beforehand helps the people to save about 25% of the entire cost of shifting. This is because companies usually sit idle in certain months. So, their teams can be agreed at lower prices during those days.
  • Get Quotations From Reference Portals: You can’t deny the fact that online search portals such as LogisticMart is best packers and movers in Gurgaon and other portals can help you to the most extent in choosing reasonable prices. These platforms are all set up to provide you with multiple price quotations. With the help of these quotations, you can directly reach to the services providers and negotiate as per your budget.

The End Notes

To sum up this discussion, a single visit of several moving companies can inhibit you from many pseudo home shifting companies. The above survey and the points that we have discussed above have portrayed the things about what you have to know before moving to Gurugram. Moreover, the accuracy of the cost for relocating can be sorted out easily. So, now all you need to remember these points into your mind before getting into the agreement with any company. I hope, this piece of information would be enlightening for thoughts more clearly.