How To Make A Printed Banner For Your Event That People Will Love

If there is one thing guaranteed to capture people’s attention, it’s a large printed banner placed somewhere prominent. If you can find the right place (and you have the right permissions to place the banner there, of course), and the banner contains all the information that anyone might need, you’ll find this is a great way to advertise almost any kind of event and raise awareness about what it is you’re doing.

Yet there are some things to think about. You can’t just get any banner printed and think it will work. It has to be designed in the right way; otherwise, you will waste your time and money. With that in mind, here are some ideas about how you can make a printed banner for your event that people will love.

Find The Right Supplier

It’s unlikely you’ll have the right tools to allow you to make and print your own big banner for your event, which is why it’s best to find a supplier who can make it for you. They can not only print the banner, but with a good supplier, you’ll also find plenty of advice about the best materials for printed banners, the right size for your needs, and even the layout.

To find the right place, you’ll need to read reviews, look at their pricing, and see what experience they have. Remember, this banner, if done right, will be an investment, ensuring many people come to your event, so don’t be cheap if you don’t have to – it will be worth it.

Where Will It Go?

Once you have a good supplier on hand, you’ll need to know where the banner is going to be placed. Until you know that, it will be hard to decide on the exact size or even material; if it’s for indoors, it can be made of a different material than if it needs to go outdoors, for example.

When you have found the right place, you can think about the design a little more. You’ll know how far away the banner will be from the people reading it, for example, and that means you’ll know how large the font should be. You’ll also know what the background will be like, which will help to determine the right colors to use. Above all, your banner must be easy to read; otherwise, no one will be any the wiser about your event, even if they pass the banner multiple times a day. Therefore, location is crucial.

Keep It Simple

It might sound strange, but making a complicated design is actually a lot easier than making a simple one. Because you know all about your event, you’ll find it easy to add lots of detail to your banner, but the problem is this is probably too much detail. It really needs to only include the simplest elements, such as the date, time, location, and a very short tagline about what the event is, assuming the title doesn’t already communicate that.

The key to remember is that this is not an ad for the internet or even a magazine or TV, where people will passively look at it – it’s something that people will be moving past, for the most part, meaning that it has to be simple and convey the message quickly.