How To Make Natural Lotion at Home

Benefits of making your own lotion

According to, Choosing the right ingredients for your lotion is very important. Tons of money is wasted in buying the best and most expensive lotion, but making your own lotion at home would be worthier. Also, when you craft your own lotion, it can be customized according to your own senses and skin’s level of sensitivity. In making your own lotion, you get to pick its aromatherapy oils and fragrances to make it really rich and useful. Furthermore, you are allowed to have the color of your choice or just make it natural. You can add fun ingredients such as sparkly glitter to make your lotion more creative and sophisticated.

Additionally, you may add essences coming from herbal plants, such as rosemary or thyme, and, also, fresh additions such as cucumber and mint. Although, making your own lotion would not have a long shelf life, which should be refrigerated. It is advisable to make your own lotion because you can assure about the freshness of the ingredients as well as its safety. It is cheap and inexpensive.

One of the benefits, when you craft your own lotion, is that you get rid of all types of harmful chemicals in your regimen’s formulation. You’ll be surprised at how much these naturally made products will benefit your skin at its fullest. If you read the labels and conduct research on these products, you will see that not all skin care products are created the same way.

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For a fact, using homemade lotion can aid you in saving funds and prevent from using toxic chemicals and additives contained in products. Furthermore, homemade lotion works better compared to products you can buy in stores. It is more extravagant, lowered costs and safer. 

Here is an old and very useful recipe for making a lotion.

Aloe Vera Homemade Lotion

This lotion is perfect and suitable for everyone. Even for a person who has very sensitive skin, you can never go wrong with aloe’s magic touch. It has this light formulation making your skin smoother without being irritated because it has a non-greasy ingredient to keep you fresh and moisturized all day. No preservatives added and no hazardous chemical is used.

You will need:

  • 1 cup aloe vera gel
  • 3 tsp beeswax pastilles
  • 1 cup almond oil, jojoba oil or grapeseed oil
  • 1 tsp vitamin e
  • 1 tbsp shea butter
  • Choice of essential oil like 10 drops of geranium or 3 drops of lime


  • Using a pan or glass bowl apply the double boiler melting process. Melt the beeswax, oil of your preference, and shea butter. 
  • Remove from heat and pour the mixture into a blender.
  • Let it totally cool and set for a moment. The mixture should achieve the room temperature as this will make sure that the lotion emulsifies perfectly.
  • Add vitamin E and essential oils of your choice.
  • Using blender at low speed, mix all the ingredients and slowly add the aloe gel so that the consistency of the formulation is 100% balanced. Use a spatula to fully incorporate everything.
  • Store in a glass jar and put inside the fridge. This product should be used within 45 days as it contains all-natural ingredients.

Taking care of skin becomes a trend nowadays. There are only a few manufacturers that offer the best for your skin. Be more meticulous when choosing products that you will use. Try reading labels or you could also make your personal homemade lotion in your own way.