How to Move a Piano Safely – 7 Must-Know Piano Moving Tips

Pianos can be overwhelming and huge – so moving them from point A to point B (both near and cross country) needs the availability of the correct tools and possibly professional movers. This is one noteworthy point in choosing expert long distance piano movers. Make sure your selected movers have the correct equipment and gear to shift your piano with no harm. Any minute mistake can lead to a big blunder and damage to both the piano and the surrounding.

That’s the reason moving a piano need to be dealt with by expert piano movers in Bay Area, San Francisco.

Health and safety is critical in everything we do and that situation isn’t any different to moving your piano. The wellbeing of your piano is fundamental to ensure it is securely and safely moved to the desired location. Hence, it won’t be too odd to think of some security tips on how to move a piano for moving your piano safely.

Essential Tips to Safely Move Your Piano:

  1. Using Professionals: The most critical thing in moving your piano is to guarantee you draw in an expert piano moving company that is authorized and able to carry out the responsibility. Connecting with expert movers will spare you a ton of pain and annoying moments as you can take care of other issues while the experienced movers takes care of the business for you.
  1. Hiring Insured Piano Movers: This is essential as it will help you get ready for any consequence during the time spent moving your piano from one place to the next. In case your movers aren’t guaranteed, it will be hard to recover your loss if there should be an occurrence of any harm to your piano during the moving process.
  1. Wrapping the Piano Safely: if you haven’t hired long distance piano movers for the job, it’s a must to wrap the piano with a cover or cushioning on your own. Forget not to secure it with a pressing tape. In no circumstance, the tape should contact the piano surface. The cushioning and cover must be thick enough so the piano is appropriately secured when the truck experiences knocks in transit.
  1. Lifting the Piano to the Truck: NEVER lift a piano on its legs while shifting it into the truck or the moving dolly as the legs are a delicate part of your piano. It should always be put in upright posture given laying a piano on its side may cause harm to the inward mechanics or even people around.
  1. Securing the Piano in the Truck: Make sure the piano is appropriately anchored in the truck. It is safer to use a wood plant to guarantee a level flooring for the piano given most truck spaces are typically not level or smooth.
  1. Packing Safely: Play it safe while pressing to keep away from any type of harm to the piano. Do not use anything pointy when packing your piano for the move.
  1. Padding Properly: All moving parts of the piano should be secured and cushioned while in move. Other than that, the trucks being used for transporting should be outfitted with proper airtight system to forestall jarring parts or pianos while in travel.

Follow these seven steps on how to move a piano to do it yourself safely. However, recommendation is still to let the professional San Francisco piano movers do it for you while you sit back and relax.