How to remove Viruses, Trojans and Malware from Windows PC?

Most of the people want to use your computer with free of mind not be afraid of viruses and hackers that may damage their data or steal it from their operating systems. Many companies in the market are offering antiviruses but users are not completely sure that which antivirus is best for their systems. Because some of the antivirus is that have not been good in working they make your operating system worse because of their bad performance which it is unable to detect virus end-user suffers a bad loss due to it. Here today we will discuss chat which antivirus is best for the users and what are the special features of those antiviruses which is helping other users in cleaning their operating system from malicious and harmful files and programs. Many antivirus data are performing very well but today we have selected the top 4 programs that will help you in cleaning your operating system and making it secure from any harmful effect.

1) Use Rkill to terminate suspicious programs

2) Malwarebytes for the removal of Trojans and Adware

3) Hitman Pro for removal of spyware and other malware

4) Zemana protecting from malware and remove browser hackers

1: Use Rkill to terminate suspicious programs:

RKill is a program that will attempt to terminate all malicious processes associated with this infection so that we will be able to perform the next step without being interrupted by this malicious software.

Because this utility will only stop the malicious process and does not delete any files, after running it you should not reboot your computer.

Download Rkill.

You can download RKill by clicking the link below.

RKILL DOWNLOAD LINK (This link will open a new web page from where you can download “RKill”).

Double-click on the RKill icon.

Double click on the Rkill program to stop the malicious programs from running.

Start the Rkill program.

Wait for the RKill scan to complete.

RKill will now start working in the background, please be patient while this utility looks for malicious processes and tries to end them.

Rkill Running:

RKill will stop the malicious programs. Continue with the other steps.

When the Rkill tool has completed its task, it will generate a log. Do not reboot your computer after running RKill as the malware programs will start again.

Rkill Program.

2) Malwarebytes for removal of Trojan and Adware:

Malwarebyte is most popular among people and many users have this antivirus in their operating systems. We have reviewed that most of the windows users especially Windows 8 and 10 are using Malwarebytes for securing their operating systems from malicious and harmful files and they feel very safe by installing Malwarebytes for safeguarding their computers.

Malwarebytes is a software that is providing you with a complete package for the protection of your operating system from harmful and dangerous files and also offering this wonderful anti-virus program for free. Most of the people faced conflicts in the anti-virus and they got Stark in those conflicts but the most important thing about malachite is it is free without any conflict and that’s why it is so famous in the market.

If you want to protect your Windows and computer from any malicious process which may infect your operating system or computer device from any harmful or malicious files of the program. You must choose Malwarebytes for the protection of your operating system.

If you want to install Malwarebytes you have to download it from the internet once downloading has finished. You will see the setup of Malwarebytes in your downloads then click on that program it will start downloading.

When the whole program is downloaded in your operating system then you have to double click on the install program for running it. But keep in mind that between this all you will find a popup asking you for the changes in your device by Malwarebytes then you have to click on yes and continue with the Malwarebytes. When you run the program it will scan your complete operating system which will take a bit time.

Once it can run your whole computer system then it will start working on the backend of your operating system and start cleaning all the harmful files and malicious processes that have been running behind the screen. The most important thing is it will not interrupt your work that the user is currently doing and it will keep doing its work behind the screen and also start creating log and keeping its keen eye on all the harmful processes.

Keep remembering when your system has been scanned you must click on quarantine for the review of all the malicious programs and files that are being run on the background of your operating system and click on quarantine that will also remove Malware. Then restart your computer now Malwarebytes will start working as it has been told you in the above paragraph.

3) Hitman program for removal of Spyware and other Malware:

Every antivirus in the market has different features and qualities that make it unique from other antiviruses. This antivirus becomes very popular with the users because of its name which resembles the name of a cartoon character that is famous for serial killing. Hitman Pro program is one of the best antivirus in the market and the most unique feature of this antivirus is that it has been connected with cloud computing that means this program is cloud-based. It is also famous because of its unique scanning most of the antivirus scan the files but it scans the files with their behaviour means it starts finding them with the filter of their behaviour it will find the files, not my name but by Malware spyware their natures.

This software is very unique because it has no limits in scanning and has very good speed in scanning the operating system. This software can usually be installed in your computer system just at the cost of $24.95 for a year. If you will find limitations in scanning that means you have not purchased this software that is why you are facing limitations in scanning because you are on a 30-days trial but once you will purchase the software you can easily enjoy unlimited scanning of Hitman pro on your operating system.

For the installation of hitman pro search it on the internet. Download it from official link

Shivansh Ji program is downloaded then start installation of hitman pro first click on hitman pro then installation will start when it is finished then double click on hitmanpro.exe for the 32-bit version of Windows and if if you have 64-bit version then click on hitmanpro_64.exe for the installation of the program on your computer system.

If you will find a problem installing Hitman pro you will find a guide with the setup of the program which will help and guide you in the installation of the program.

Keep remembering when you are installing hitman pro in your operating system you will find a popup asking you to permit complete access in your operating system to the hitman pro program you will have to click on yes.

In the start, you will have to click on a 30-days trial that means you can freely enjoy hitman pro on your operating system. After a month you will find the monthly and yearly package Hitman pro. After purchasing the package you will be able to scan your operating system with unlimited scanning and its best feature will help you in detecting and removing all the Malaysia and harmful files and programs that have been in selecting your computer system from backhand and we’ll also secure your computer from any other effect from these harmful files.

4) Zemana protecting from Malware and remove browser hackers:

Most of the users have a concept that antivirus protects your computer from all the viruses and harmful malicious files and processes that are infecting their computer on the back end of the system but how will they handle it if someone is hacking their browser. Zemana is the antivirus that it ensures you for the protection of your operating system from all kind of Malware viruses as well as will protect your computer from all the browsers hackers and redirect them this is one of the most common problems of users that their data from the browser is hacking from someone else and this program is giving you guarantee that they will remove all the hackers that have been stealing your data from the browser and also will redirect them to make you secure from them.

If you are facing a problem like that and your data has been stolen from anyone through the internet then you have to install this program urgently on your operating system so that you can save your files and important data.

You can download Zemana anti Malware from their official website. You will find a link there just click on it and then downloading of the setup will start.

Once the downloading is completed you will find a file named zemana.antimalware.setup.exe in your downloads folder. Maybe the file has been downloaded in any other folder but most of the time and commonly the files that are downloaded are saved to the Downloads folder.

Double click on the setup for the installation of Zemana anti-malware. when the installation starts you will find a popup asking you for giving complete permission to the program for the access of your operating system. When the program is installed then you will click on a free trial so that you can enjoy one month free of cost then click on screen now to complete a scan of your operating system. When complete scanning has been done then Zemana anti-malware is ready to work with your computer then you have to click on apply action for the removal of all the malicious files that have been found in your computer.

Then restart your computer and after rebooting the anti Malware program will start the process of removal and start terminating all the malicious and harmful files that have been on your computer and infecting it on background.