How to Select an eLearning Company?

If you do a simple search on Google, you will find innumerable elearning service providers in India as well as all over the world. Choosing the correct company from this list of top elearning companies in India may seem like a humongous task. Most of us employ a simple process of checking online or through our contacts about various vendors and check them against our internal requirements like LMS creation, animation development, etc. without understanding that a more holistic approach is required.

A company for instance, if they are good in LMS development might not be good at other things or maybe they are only good at a few things even under LMS development and not so good when it comes to scalability or robustness of their system. Also, how do you define if they will be the perfect fit for your own company’s style of working? A wrong decision to choose your e-learning service providers in Delhi NCR could affect your budgets, timelines as well as many other fields. But it is not so difficult if you keep in mind the following:

  1. Your need analysis: You should be clear of what you want your e-learning material to achieve. To help you in this area, the first step is to conduct market research in terms of what technologies best suit your purpose, what does your audience will be most comfortable with, their learning styles, tangible outcomes of this learning, budget, and their time management. Making a course for a school environment will be very different from say management e-learning aimed towards professionals.
  1. Experience of the company: If you understand your audience well and are sure of the technology you want to use for your material, next thing to focus upon is what kind of material is the right fit. Unfortunately, a material that modifies itself as per the learner’s needs is still a utopian dream and there is no one size fits all when it comes to a group of learners of any age group. A company with a track record of K-12 learning material may not always be a good choice for corporate elearning material and vice-versa.
  1. The skillset of the company: Choose a company that has proven expertise in turning your storyboard into visually appealing and interactive content. This will be possible only if they have a good set and the right mix of people in their team. For instance, a content-heavy team will not always be able to produce material that works across various platforms and vice versa. A huge team also does not always mean the right mix of the various flavors required to turn heads when you play your elearning material.
  1. Quality Assurance: This part is usually the most ignored when we choose an elearning company. A robust process for checking in a company will make sure that your end product is error-free in terms of content, graphics, as well as any technical glitches, thus saving you on budgets and timelines as well as on prestige when everything works without a problem.
  2. Robust IT structure: Check that the company has a rich library of resources that they use and that they have the necessary licenses and agreements in place with other software companies. This can usually be gauged by discussions with their team about some of the challenges that they might have recently faced. If they have a healthy IT structure, it will be evident through their experiences.