How to start a food truck business in India

Food trucks have become a new trend in the food industry. A food truck is among the most popular mode for selling of food items. Food trucks have been adopted as a viable medium for selling food items by every kind of food sellers from local vendors to multinational food manufacturing companies. Opening a food truck is a simple process and does not need substantial capital investments. Therefore, it is essential to know the right steps for opening a food truck in India

Choose the right food truck:

The first important step is to choose the right food truck for the business. The vehicle can be purchased in a new condition from food truck manufactures, as well as used food trucks are also available in the market. The benefit of procuring a used food truck is that they are less expensive in comparison to new ones. The food trucks or fast food vans can be modified as per the client requirements. One of the essential aspects to consider here is that the vehicle should not be more than five years old.

Kitchen equipment:

A food truck needs so many types of kitchen equipment such as refrigerator, juicer, mixer, griller etc. It is advisable to purchase these items in a new condition as they come with a minimum warranty period of 1 to 3 years on an average.


There are no specific laws related to the use of food truck for selling of food items. This uncertainty is the reason a particular list of required license and permission cannot be prepared. However, it is essential to procure the following list of license and permission certificate to open a food truck in India.

  •    Shop and Establishment License
  •    NOC from Municipal Corporation
  •    FSSAI Mobile Vendor’s License
  •    Kitchen Insurance
  •    NOC from RTO
  •    Fire Safety Certificate


The minimum worker requirement that is advised by experts for a food truck is four people comprising of two Chefs, one helper, and a delivery boy. The delivery is necessary to procure raw material and perform other outdoor activities.

Staff uniform:

The staff should be provided with a proper uniform that is branded with the name or the logo of the food truck business. There are many advantages of having a dedicated dress such as the promotion of business house, encouragement of personal hygiene among workers, a good image in the customer’s eyes etc


The last and the most influential part is to commit to a potential marketing plan. Doing marketing is essential to inform the customers about the business. The marketing for food a food truck can be executed at a minimal marketing cost. It is advisable to make effective use of social media for the marketing purpose.