How to Thank Your Co-Workers

Co-workers aren’t people you would usually buy a gift for. You might give them a card for their birthday, and maybe some kind of secret Santa type gift for Christmas, but generally, they aren’t as close to you as other people, so buying gifts is not something you have to think about.

However, if a co-worker has done something to help you and perhaps gone above and beyond to ensure you can get your work done or even take some time off, it’s a great idea to thank them with a gift and show them what they did was appreciated. Yet, what can you buy them if you don’t know them that well? Read on for some useful ideas.


Buying alcohol isn’t always an easy decision to make if you don’t know whether the person you’re buying for drinks, but if you do know they like the odd tipple, then this can be a perfect gift – just do your research first.

Alcohol is a lovely gift because it can be used right away or stored for another time, and it’s something that can be shared. You can go even further and buy a personalized liqueur gift from Oxton Liqueurs, showing that you have thought about what you want to give your co-worker.


Giving someone flowers is a lovely thing to do. Who wouldn’t have a smile on their face if they were given a beautiful bouquet of bright blooms as a thank you for something they did?

To make this gift even better, rather than simply having the flowers over, why not arrange to have them delivered to the office with a card saying thank you? There is something very exciting about receiving flowers in a delivery that elevates this gift into something truly unforgettable.

Take Them for Lunch

Sometimes, it’s the simplest, most thoughtful gifts that are the most effective and taking a co-worker to lunch to say thank you for something they helped you out with is a good option. Let them pick the restaurant and make sure they don’t pay for anything because that’s the point; you’re thanking them.

By taking them for lunch rather than dinner, it won’t seem awkward, and you’ll only have a finite amount of time to spend eating, so even if you don’t know them that well or don’t usually hang out with the people you work with, it will only be for a short while, and they will certainly be grateful that you are thanking them in this way.

Time to Relax

People work very hard, and therefore a truly thoughtful gift could be to allow your co-worker some time to relax. You could offer to take on a shift for them, for example, or cover their work in some other way. You could, depending on how your company works, give them one of your holiday days.

Other ideas include giving them a self-care basket full of lovely indulgent things like chocolate, bath bombs, a great book you know they would love, and perhaps a voucher for a spa or manicure, for example. This kind of gift will always be enjoyed very much, and if your co-worker deserves some time to relax, this will help them achieve it.