How to Transition Through Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport

Bangkok is a metropolitan hub with Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) as one of the two major airports. After booking a connecting regional flight, ensure to make sure that you are to transition through BKK. There is little to worry. Most international and domestic flights arrive at BKK and you need ideas to understand the best way to transition through. Below are a few ideas to seamless transition through this airport.

Luggage handling

For about $2.83 daily, you can store your luggage at this airport on the 2nd floor in Arrivals or the 4th floor of Departures. You can also store your luggage outside Immigration. To pick your luggage requires showing a ticket issued when leaving the luggage and your passport. You have to pay the fee when picking your luggage. This option is very helpful when having a long layover or waiting to catch another flight to Southeast Asia and you won’t need the extra luggage.

Plan your time

When having a long layover, you might consider venturing into the city before your next flight. However, be wary about the infamous traffic jam and plan extra time for going through immigration again. Depending on traffic, you might spend 45 minutes to and from the airport by car to downtown. You can also take a light rail although you need to be very careful with timing. Consider taking a nice long massage at the airport during a long layover. Alternatively, you can peruse through the various duty-free shops or grab a nice meal.

Fast track

To pass through Immigration much faster, book Bangkok Airport fast track. The company agent will meet you on departing from the plane to assist you to transition through BKK. Additionally, you will get assistance your heavy bags with porter service and when collecting them at the baggage claim. Fast track service makes the immigration process faster since you will have to use the priority queue.

Additionally, you can expedite transition through BKK by booking a golf cart transfer. This allows making a quick layover through this huge airport. Fast track service will allow you to have a quick and smooth experience through the airport when you have a tight deadline to be. This service will allow you to enjoy an expedited process through immigration and assistance with your luggage.

Using amenities

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport is well organized to allow easy location of information counters, locating Immigration, and the bathrooms. This allows a smooth transition even when you are an inexperienced traveler or traveling with small children.  It is a great idea to use the bathroom before immigration since it might take some time before getting there.

This might take you from 10 minutes to more than an hour. Another way to speed up transition through BKK is filling out all arrival paperwork before disembarking the plane. Move with a pen since it might be hard to find one while on the plane or at the immigration. Having the papers filled on the plane will save you from lining up for too long at immigration.

Going through immigration

When not transitioning to another destination, you have to plan the best way to go through immigration. Since Thailand is one of the top travel destinations in the world, the airport is obviously very busy. Are you a US citizen staying for less than 30 days? You don’t need a visa but to have your passport stamped on your arrival. The necessary entry and exit forms are handed to you on your flight into the country. Alternatively, you can pick them at the airport on your arrival. For non-US citizens, ensure to check with immigration and home visa requirements before boarding the plane.

Getting to the city

After collecting your luggage, you have to head over out of the airport to find appropriate transport to take you to your destination. You can pick any of the car transfers operating at the airport to transfer you to your hotel doorstep. Consider booking your airport transfer before arriving at the airport. Keep in mind that using public transport can be tough and inconveniencing especially when traveling with small kids or heavy luggage.

Reasons to travel to Thailand include:

After understanding how to find your way through the airport, it is very important to understand some of the reasons that make Thailand  a top travel destination.

  • Interesting cities
  • Beautiful beaches
  • Terrific Thai food
  • Splendid shopping
  • Year-round sunshine
  • Affordable food and lodging
  • Breathtaking Buddhist temples

Bottom line

Thailand is one of the top favorite travel destinations in the world. Therefore, the Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport is always very busy and you might spend some time to transition through. Fortunately, booking fast track service will allow a speedy experience in BKK. This will give you access to speed immigration procedures and access to the priority lane to avoid the long queues.