How To Use File Extensions in QuickBooks Desktop?

Do you realize what is record expansions? The document augmentation is utilized for sparing information and each record has possessed significance in QuickBooks Desktop. Each record augmentation has the one of a kind name. Presently we will examine in insights regarding how QuickBooks File Extensions are Used. At various stages, you will experience these terms. Subsequently, it is imperative to realize what they truly depend on to get the best out of them.

Diverse File Extensions for each document are utilized by various QuickBooks adaptations like QuickBooks, QuickBooks Enterprise, QuickBooks Online Support and so on. In this manner, each document type has its very own significance to spare the information.

Parts of QuickBooks File Extension:

QuickBooks File Extensions are used to store information and every one of them has its very own importance. Each record type is doled out a special QuickBooks File Extension. The various versions of QuickBooks have unmistakable document expansions as shared previously.

Unmistakable types of information are put away within various envelopes. A dominant part of QuickBooks File Extension contains three characters. Be that as it may, the number may shift now and again. This post will talk about the different sorts of QuickBooks File Extensions.

Significance of QuickBooks Files Extensions:

The unmistakable QuickBooks File Extensions fill different essential needs that are shared as pursues:

1) The one of a kind QuickBooks File Extension relegated to each record encourages clients to recognize the substance inside a specific document.

2) QuickBooks File Extension empowers clients to classify the record of the same sorts together. The way toward sifting through information subsequently ends up simpler.

3) QuickBooks File Extension is great additionally from the viewpoint of security as they help the clients with an approach to check the validation of information documents.

4) QuickBooks File Extension aid the recognizable proof of documents. The work area uses this information to dispatch the correct document with the pertinent application.

5) QuickBooks File Extension help in the recognizable proof by taking a gander at simply the filename.

Extensions for Windows:

QuickBooks Working Files


The QBW organization is related to the Intuit QuickBooks application. It utilizes QBW documents to store money related data, layouts, letters, logos, and pictures for an organization.


QBB documents are reinforcements of QBW records that spare an organization monetary data like as formats, logos, letters, pictures and so forth.


Packed rendition of the QuickBooks organization record *.QBM documents are perfect for sharing due to the littler record estimate.


The *.QBI record use for exchanges that have been composed until they are presented on the hard drive


When you send out the format for a retained record, QuickBooks spares the document with a.QBR expansion.


QuickBooks gives an assortment of formats wherein you can utilize your structures


This document is utilized for an electronic bank proclamation downloaded from a monetary foundation’s site.


A config log document for QuickBooks


Identified with SDK log documents for QuickBooks that contains scrambled data about usernames and passwords. It is used when a product needs with QuickBooks while it is unattended or shut. The username and secret phrase spare in this record are used to associate with the Sybase server.


QWC record convey scrambled contain about the outsider application coordinated with QB


This record stores structure settings utilized by QuickBooks to print the structure


This record store QuickBooks Printer setting

QuickBooks Statement Writer Files

These incorporate the accompanying QuickBooks record expansions


QSW Statement record


QSW Appearance record


QSW Template record

Fixed Asset Manager Files

These incorporate the accompanying QuickBooks record expansions –


Compressed FAM information record. Stores resource information


Stores framework information


Header record


Stores report information


FAM reinforcement match up log document


Stores CSV import information headers

QuickBooks record expansions utilized in QuickBooks for Mac


QuickBooks 2016 for Mac organization information record.


Windows perfect QuickBooks for Mac reinforcement document.


QuickBooks for Mac circle reinforcement document. This is for QuickBooks for Mac 2012 and prior.


QuickBooks for Mac 2013 and later utilize the Apple circle picture to make reinforcements.


Preference documents that store enlistment and any inclinations set inside QuickBooks.

The above article gives a decent knowledge into different QuickBooks record expansions and their motivations. For effective and full usage of the product, it is fundamental to know diverse QuickBooks record types that are accessible. In the event that you face trouble in comprehension and utilizing any of the above augmentations, it is prudent to look for specialized assistance at our QuickBooks Support work area.