How To Use No Scar Cream

No scar creams are actually a kind of medication which is used to treat the acne problems and freckle issues on skin. One can often face discoloration of skin as well when they are pregnant or under birth control pills. This can also happen when one has skin trauma, eczema or hormone replacement therapy. This particular cream can alleviate the skin condition of those people who are suffering from these.

The no scar cream actually stops the process of enzyme production because they act like a bleaching agent and so they can reduce the problems in the affected area. It is a kind of a skin lightening agent which is mainly used for topical application. It contains tyrosinase enzyme which is very important in case of biosynthesis of melanin pigments. It also inhibits the formation and release of chemical mediators like histamine, kinins and liposomal enzymes. It also works by binding the alpha, beta and gamma acid receptors by activating them.

But one should not use the cream if they are allergic to any of the ingredients present in the cream. So, one needs to show their medical history to the doctors before they get prescribed to this cream. This is because, if one is allergic to them, then it can aggravate certain skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis and even asthma in a few cases.  There are also some side effects when it comes to the usage of this cream. They can be redness, mild burning, dryness and some stinging sensation. Blistering and skin cracking are some serious side effects that one can face as well and if that happens, then one needs to seek immediate medical help. When one is using this cream then it is advised not to spend too much time out under the sun as it can cause side effects as well.

When the medicine is prescribed, the doctors can ask the patient to stop taking some medications if necessary. Also, if one is pregnant, then it is not safe for them to apply this cream as it can affect the health of the foetus very much. So, one has to consult the doctor first when they are pregnant. Breast feeding women can actually use this medicine but it is still a good idea to ask the doctors first about it. The effect or the duration of this medicine actually depends on the severity of the skin condition. This mainly lasts not more than 20 hours and so a single dosed per day can work well. one can apply the best scar removal cream at least one throughout the day on the affected area to get the best results.

But again, one should go according to the doctor’s prescription because otherwise there can be a chance of getting overdosed and that is not a good idea. These creams are manly available at any drug store over the counter but one should not apply them on their own just because they are facing skin issues. Taking a dermatologist’s opinion is a must.