Importance of Workforce Analysis for Human Resource Management

Analytics forms one of the major parts of the human resource management skills. After all, they are dealing with so many resource data – recruitment, personal and professional details of an employee among other things that it is important for an HR professional to be adept in handling all the data and also provide solutions for any problem related to talent management arising in an organization.

As an HR Professional, you will be dealing with the ‘people’ side of an organization right from the recruitment to salary expenditures to promotions. And while you may have a degree in human resource management, certifications do add credibility to your skills and ensure that you get that coveted job or promotion and hence it is important to get HR certifications.

If you are seeking jobs in HR, then it is important that once you have finished your degree course or even if you are undergrad apply for the certification in HR, so that when you are out of college, you have an edge over your peers.

HR Careers, HR Professional Certification and Global Fellow Program in Talent Management

Before we learn more about Certification in Human Resource Management, let’s learn more about talent management. So what is talent management? In simple words talent management is nothing but a process through which prospective employers predict and meet their needs for human capital that is the workforce. So how does HR Professional Certification help in managing talent, you may ask.

We already are aware how professional certifications ensure that we are way ahead of our competitors either when seeking a job in HR or while eyeing for that coveted promotion.

While certifications are not mandatory in HR Careers, however, if you are a certified HR professional then you definitely have an edge over the others. Similarly, if you having been working as a Human Resource Management in a company and want to escalate as an HR leader Global Fellow Program in Talent Management is the right program for you.

How to Choose the Right HR Certifications for You?

Now the question arises how do you choose these certifications and where can you get the global fellow program in talent management. There are numerous institutes from where you can get HR certifications, however, since it is always better to get the certification from a reputed institute – some of the institutes you may like to check out include

  1. Talent Management Institute or TMI
  2. HRCI or Human Resource Certification Institute
  3. SHRM or Society for Human Resource Management

Each of these institutes offer state-of-the-art courses in HR management and while HRCI and SHRM have been here for a while TMI is emerging as a strong favorite amongst HR professionals who are seeking professional HR certifications. Depending on your skills and experience. The certifications offered include Talent Management Practitioner or TMP, Senior Talent Management Practitioner and Global Talent Management Leader.

In case, you are seeking a rise in your career then Global Fellow Management Program in Talent Management is your best bet. Designed for senior human resource professionals, Global Fellow Management Program helps you take your talent management leadership skills to the next level. The program helps you become the first choice of your employers when they are selecting candidates for promotions.

Armed with these certifications and of course the global fellow program in talent management, as a senior human resource management personnel you will be able to combat the challenges thrown at you at your workplace and emerge as a strong contender for that coveted promotion in your employer’s eyes.