Is It Possible To Monetise YouTube Channel With 1000 YouTube Views

To start monetizing your channel on YouTube, it is not only essential to increase the number of views and subscribers, but you have to focus on other things also. 

One of the most important things to start earning through your YouTube channel is having watch hours more than 4000. 

Also, you must have all the rights to upload the visuals and audio elements commercially. You must not make use of any third-party components, or it can lead to an add-on to the spam count of your YouTube channel. 

Some of the essential guidelines for monetizing your YouTube channel are described below in brief. 

Guidelines to Follow For Monetising Your YouTube Channel

Gone are the days when you could earn on YouTube if you get 1000 free youtube views. The recent update in the YouTube algorithm has several other considerations in terms of content to be created to make your channel eligible for making money on the YouTube platform. 

The tips and tricks to create the required content on your YouTube channel are detailed below. 

  1. Before starting your YouTube channel, make sure that you read the YouTube community guidelines precisely and follow them for making a YouTube video for your channel. 
  2. The second thing that you must remember while making a YouTube video is that you create all the video elements yourself. The audio, visuals, story, and content everything must be original. 
  3. Approach the advertisers to promote themselves through your channel. However, to attract big brands for advertising on your channel, you must work effectively to get 1000 free youtube views or even more. No one would like to promote themself on a channel where there are insufficient viewers and subscribers. 
  4. If you want to advertise your video on other channels, make sure that you create advertiser-friendly content. Here you need to keep in mind the length of the visual and the quality of audiovisuals in your video. 
  5. When you upload any music or video on your channel, you must have all the necessary rights for your uploads. It should not be objectionable by any means, be it commercial or personal. 
  6. For monetizing your YouTube channel, you must have the copyright for all your videos on your channel. If you are unaware of the copyright policies, you can read, “Understand How Copyright Works” in the YouTube default policies.
  7.  Yet another thing to consider for monetizing your YouTube channel is that you must not have a spam score for any video or channel. To avoid the condition of spam, you must read and understand the YouTube spam policies. 

Final Words: 

Monetising your YouTube channel can be convenient if you follow all the policies and instructions specified on the platform. If you were monetizing your channel before 2019 by just focusing on free youtube views, it is not going to work anymore. 

You must follow the policies and instructions of uploading the content on YouTube as specified in the blog.