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Unmapped Kyari camp in the Jim Corbett National Park

Most of the tourists love to go to a different most popular tourist attraction in Jim Corbett National Park. But, have you ever heard about the Kyari camp before? Well, if no then you have certainly come across the right write up.

Kyari Camp is a utopia for the escapade freaks as it proposes immeasurable leisureliness activities for those who want to have some relaxing and exhilarating experience. This unusual place is found in the backwoods of the Kyarirural community, located on the east side of the Kosi River. This place is opulent in bio-multiplicity as the expanse stretches with plush vegetation and is a natural habitation to diverse fauna.

You just need to book your rooms in the Jim Corbett national park resorts and have the most memorable time of your life.

What you can do in the Kyari Camp?

You can spend some treasured time close to the stream also known as khichdi which usually courses through the picturesque and antiquated rural community.

Since this camp is located in the outside edge of the Jim Corbett National Park, it gives the visitors a golden opportunity to:

  • You can have a wonderful and the most memorable time while pursuing the revitalizing and highly refreshing current of air that passes through this beautiful place
  • You definitely have high regard for the different types of species of birds that you will see during your visit
  • Another exciting thing that you will undoubtedly enjoy is discovering the caves and tries to know more about history. This can be a real fun provided you are visiting along with your kids
  • Enjoy the most exciting jeep, elephant or canter safari
  • Experience an adrenaline rush by going for rock climbing.

Where can you find kyari camp?

The kyari camp is principally situated in the Jim Corbett National Park say about 12 km away from the rural community SyatKotabagh. All you need to do is to plan accordingly and book your rooms in advance in the Jim Corbett national park resorts so as to have a comfortable stay and spend an enjoyable time along with your family members.

What are the ways to reach Kyari Camp?

As we mentioned before, Kyari Camp is basically located somewhere around 12kmaway from Ramnagar which is placed in the rural community SyatKotabagh. This rural community you can find actually in the outer side of the Jim Corbett National Park. For travelers, you are thinking about visiting this place with the means of the road- you just have to go past the Kosi barrage and continue moving to the Ramnagar- kaladungi road. Otherwise, you must look for a travel agent who can help you reach this place. 

Wrapping up

Are you thinking about taking a break from the hectic work schedule? If yes, then do make sure that you visit Kyari Camp. However, we would always advise you to book your accommodation in Jim Corbett national park resorts in advance so that you can have a comfortable and relaxing break.