Karva Chauth – 5 Out-of-the-box Ways to Have Fun With Your Wife

Celebrated during the Karthika period four days after a full moon, Karva Chauth is a traditional festival celebrated by women in north India for the safety and longevity of their husbands. As per culture, they stay hungry throughout the day and are not supposed to take part in any household work. Since this festival symbolizes the love between a husband and wife, it is only fair if the husband does his part too.

Here are 5 out of the box ways to have fun with your wife during this period:

Keep a Karva Chauth Fast With her

This could be one of those karva Chauth gifts for wife that will truly make her feel special. It is a meaningful gesture where you are conveying how much you appreciate her efforts and all that she does for you. You can support her by accompanying her with all the rituals she does, at least by giving it a try and actively participating. Being involved in planning how the day will go will make sure she feels blessed to have a husband like you who will always be there for her support.

Karva Chauth Gifts for your loved one

One of the most common yet successful ways to make the day special is to buy karva Chauth gifts for wife. But here’s how you can make it special: rather than giving her gifts altogether, you can keep giving her a few gifts every few hours. It will not only add some spice during the day but you will also see her face glow up with every gift you can give her. A conventional method with a twist, you can rest be assured that this surely works in making her feel loved and blissful. You can also gift luxury karwa chauth thali set to your wife.

Organize A Karva Chauth Party

While you may be busy in your office, it is only thoughtful that you do something to make up for the time your wife is at home fasting for your well-being and nothing beats time well spent when your wife can have her besties over. This will not only make sure that she is not alone but will also make sure that her day goes in an enjoyable manner. Going one step further, you can also organize a luxurious evening puja for her where you can have close friends and family members for a great fun night as well.

Plan a fun-filled day with your wife

Often you may be stuck late at work with a deadline to accomplish but you can surely take one day out and make sure that this Karva Chauth, your wife has nothing to complain about. You could plan your day with her by taking her out shopping, going to her favorite spots around town, or maybe even for a great entertainment show like a movie or a stand-up. If this doesn’t suit you, you could always stay at home and give her all the time she deserves because she is special and she deserves the best care.

Cook something for her

It is highly unfair if she keeps a fast for you and does all the cooking too. A unique way to lift her spirits up would be to surprise her with your cooking and also make sure that the food for the evening ritual is also planned out by you. This serves as a thoughtful gift, no matter how simple it is. If cooking is not something you are comfortable with, you could also pamper her this karva Chauth by calling for her favorite food items from outside.

Karva Chauth strengthens the bond between a husband and wife and what better way to make her feel loved and truly happy by doing something special for her. On this festival of true love and romance, give her a karva Chauth with nostalgia and happiness that shows you care.