Kids Sunglasses – A World of Choice and Variety

The majority of parents believe that there is no need for children to wear sunglasses. A cap with a visor is enough. However, this is a misconception, which can subsequently negatively affect the state of the child’s visual apparatus. The younger your girls and boys are, the more sensitive their eyes are to sunlight. In childhood, the lens is as transparent as possible and cannot fully fulfil its protective function. In children under the age of 10, 3/4 of the harmful radiation reaches the retina without obstruction. In the future, this can cause serious eye diseases and quickly lead to burns.

Ophthalmologists recommend that children wear fashion sunglasses starting from 3 to 4 years when they actively explore the world.

For children of all ages, sunglasses’ main requirement is a high-quality lens that 100% protects against the harmful UV spectrum. This requirement is met by the UV400 UVB marking on the glasses or in the passport that comes with them. It is better to choose light filters of brown, green, or gray color with an average value of light absorption up to 70%. The lens must be a polymer, polycarbonate so that it does not break and injure the child in the event of a fall.

The frame must be safe, durable, and comfortable, made of hypoallergenic material, with large enough eye pieces so that the child does not look over the glasses. The eyelids and skin around the eyes must be protected not only from sun exposure but also from dust and dirt.

Why do you need to buy sunglasses for a child in specialized stores?

Nowadays, there are many street sales of all kinds that offer a massive selection of sunglasses. However, these glasses are unlikely to be of acceptable quality and can adequately take care of your child’s health.

In optical stores, discount sunglasses can be checked for ultraviolet absorption. Also, as a rule, specialized stores must have a quality certificate for their products.

If a child has visual acuity impairment and he wears glasses with dioptres, then the function of sunglasses will be flawlessly performed by photochromic lenses.

It is not uncommon for children to wear contact lenses with a UV filter, and many parents believe that this is enough to protect their eyes. However, you should be aware that contact lenses do not entirely cover the eyeball, but only the cornea of the eye, so in this case, sunglasses are essential.

Children are your joy, the meaning of life, and support in the future, so you cannot save on their health. That is why, from the age of three or four, it is worth teaching your child to wear high-quality sunglasses, which you can purchase in the network of specialized stores Dom optics. 

Can children wear sunglasses and at what age?

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If you live in places with a climate where solar activity is low, then yes, you can hide from the dim sun in this way. And if you took your child out to the sea, or to a ski resort, where the sun shines with might and foremost and even reflects from water or snow, then you cannot do without fashion sunglasses.