Kinds of Troubles Faulty Car Brakes Can Cause

Brakes are the most vital safety parts of any vehicle. It is the mechanism that slows down or stops the vehicle, before it collides with any other car, pedestrian or anything else. We all know that with time the brake pads can erode off and need to be replaced, we all know the danger it can be for everyone in and around, when a vehicle brake fails to work. But that’s not the only kinds of troubles a faulty car brake can cause to people. There are some weird car behaviors you might have to deal with, when your car brakes are not in sound condition. The technical experts who serve at the Ankeny auto repair center explained the following:

Pulling Over Either to Left or Right

When you press the brake pedals, you can see that your vehicle is automatically pulling to either of the sides, without you intending to do so. This happens when the brakes keep grabbing harder only one side, as the other side is not grabbing the brakes at all. Such things take place when the brake rotors worn out. The best solution to this issue is replacing the brake rotors immediately as such uncontrolled movement of your vehicle can cause severe accidents.

Taking Longer Time and Distance to Brake

Brakes are meant to respond immediately to the driving inputs. But if it takes longer for your vehicle to react to the braking actions, then it is certainly a sign of a serious issue. This happens mainly because of contaminated or lower level of brake fluid. If the brake fluid starts absorbing moisture from the air, it eventually results into degrading the overall performance of the car.

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If your car is taking longer time to brake, it could also be the result of overheated pads and rotors, caused by excessive use of braking, making them less responsive. It happens, if you have to brake too often, like while driving up or downhill. The issue can get resolved of its own, once the brake pads and rotors get time to cool down.

Sudden Vibrations

Overheated brakes also develop hot spots, that contract more severely than the rest of the parts of the rotor, when the brakes cool down. This often result into a warped brake rotor, that thereafter starts sending pulsating reaction to each and every braking action, either through the brake pedal or through the steering wheel and you can feel the vibrations to quite an alarming rate. Though such vibrations can also be a result of poor steering alignment, so, you can be confirmed only when the issue is checked by a professional mechanic.

Foul Smell

Sometimes your car candischarge a funky burning odor whileapplying the brakes. This happens when the brakes get overheated.Such burning smell can be indicative of quite a dangerous situation. In worse cases, the brakes can also emit smoke, caused by the burning of the friction lining. In such cases, the heat can damage all other related parts causing total non-functionality to the brakes.

To avoid such situations, the experts of the center of Auto repair near Ankeny  suggest the drivers to pull the vehicle aside, and drive only after the car brakes cool down, or you can get a mechanic to address the issue on the spot.