Know How to Lower Your Lorry Insurance Premium

If you own a trucking business, then definitely, your fleet requires complete protection. Running a logistics business demands dedication and effort at the same time. And, when you are investing time, money, and passion in it, you need to make sure that you invested in a suitable heavy haulage insurance plan as well. 

Generally, like other many businesses, you will most likely use vehicles for carrying out day-to-day shipping activities. Even if your business is on a small scale, you are still involved in certain business activities. This is where considering lorry insurance policies come into the moment. Hold on; this simply doesn’t mean that you need to assume that a standard plan will cost you an arm and a leg. However, if you want to lower your insurance premium, then don’t forget to check out these tips. 

#1 Select a greater deductible 

While claiming compensation, you indeed have to pay a deductible amount beforehand. Bear in mind that this deductible amount is an out of pocket amount and is meant for paying towards your claim. In simple words, you need to use your money from your pocket. 

In any situation, the deductible amount is relatively high; you can probably save a bit on your premium. All you need to pick a higher tariff while informing your insurance provider that you are prepared to cover the foreseen risks on your own. Ultimately, this assures the provider that you are a responsible buyer and much suitable for lower premiums. 

#2 Combine your policies 

The very next thing you can do is to check whether your insurance provider is offering any discounted rates for the premium or not, especially if you have already enrolled with them for a heavy haulage insurance plan earlier. Ask your provider if they can provide you coverage at a reasonable price. Most of the standard insurers call this term as policy bundling and is a great way to reduce your premium amount. 

#3 Paying the advance 

Majority of the insurance providers offer attractive discounts for the purchases made in advance. In comparison, some insurers may give you 10-20% off to the customers who bear the full amount. Even many lawyers suggest going with full-fledged premium payment as it is a proven way in the long run to save more. It usually happens when the provider may not reduce the premium amount while ensuring that you receive a reasonable discount offer. So, make sure to ask your agent for the same. 

At times, the timing makes a big difference. The situation can be probably that you can save money by bundling the policies. So, if you can’t find an affordable lorry insurance plan, then definitely, this is the time to consider another provider who considers your business requisites and budget first.