The Different Types of Kyphosis and Its Treatment

Kyphosis is a medical condition of the spine, and it causes your upper thoracic back area to curve forward. This health issue makes you look like you are slouching over, and it definitely doesn’t look like a normal curve of the spine.

For a normal spinal condition, you can angle it at least 20 to 45 degrees. However, people who have kyphosis, their normal angle of the spine becomes 50 degrees. If you get diagnosed with the disease, your doctor will inform you about your current condition. Although Kyphosis looks the same from the outside, they have different types. So, here are the same listed for your convenience.

Congenital kyphosis

This is a genetic mistake which results in the failure of forming a part on the front part of our vertebrae. There are normally two types of congenital kyphosis, type I and type II. The first one is a deformity which gets visible at birth and worsens when you eventually grow. The second type is when two or more vertebrae fail to separate. This situation is felt a bit later in life when you start to walk. For this, you must seek help from, kyphosis treatment in India.

The treatment: Normally for this type of kyphosis, surgery is the way, to get resolution from any future problem. At the time of the operation, your surgeon will place the spine in a natural position, with the help of rods, and some kind of implants to give support to the spine.

Postural kyphosis

In this kind of kyphosis, it ends up in poor posture and muscles that have become weak and stiff. In this case, it’s better to gather knowledge on, kyphosis surgery cost in India, and go for a treatment.

The treatment: This thing can be cured by doing yoga, and some kind of physical therapies. Your doctor might prescribe you to wear braces, which will stable your movements.

Scheuermann’s Disease

This one is a deformity happens in the thoracic or upper part of your spine. This causes an abnormality which makes the vertebrae grow at different rates during the adolescence period.

The treatment: As this happens to children, a help of back brace can ease the issue, and it stops the curve from bending. The brace is recommended to wear from an early stage.

Degenerative kyphosis

This type of kyphosis causes a loss of normal disc height from overuse or aging problem. This makes the discs in your spine to angle forward.

The treatment: For this, physical treatment is required, and your doctor might prescribe you anti-inflammatory medicines. Still, if the pain continues to stay, surgery is the last option.

Neuromuscular kyphosis

This kyphosis type usually occurs in individuals who have been suffering from cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy or spina bifida.

The treatment: The treatment depends on the individual, and for this, mainly brace support is recommended.

Nutritional kyphosis

This medical condition is caused by dietary and nutritional deficiencies. This is a common one for children.

The treatment: For this, you have to consult your doctor or a nutritionist, who will give a diet chart and the doctor will give some physical therapy.

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There is another type of kyphosis, and that is Latrogenic kyphosis, and it causes by some previous surgery. This one can be helped by physical exercise.