Latest Features of Video Analytics Software

Artificial Intelligence is helping in varied fields including video analytics software and Posture Detection which helps owners better serve their customers and meet their demands in the blink of an eye.

Video Analytics gives an open analytic framework for creating event-based video surveillance applications which can be used to increase physical security and the productivity of public safety operations. Intelligent Video Analytics supports the following features and capabilities:

Real-time or recorded video analytics

Intelligent Video Analytics generates video metadata for events or moving objects by analyzing recorded and real-time video streams of monitored environments, which provides important information to law enforcement or first responders. For already defined behaviors of people, objects, and vehicles, the Video Analytics helps in real-time alerting for an incident in progress. Video analytics software can recognize abandoned objects, perimeter breaches, removed object, movement of people and vehicle activity. One can enhance search and notification capabilities by joining Video Analytics and other solutions.

Video metadata indexing and search

Video Analytics has advanced search capabilities and high content-based indexing for the smooth analysis of video footage both in real-time and investigation of past events. Video Analytics software companies can create an index that can be looked for, analyzed, and integrated in seconds. With this approach, the search of hundreds of past events and real-time alerts can identify specific incidents and patterns.

Integrated video management

Some video analytics software companies use Video Analytics for integrating it with the camera network and video management system. Video Analytics checks every frame of video, takes out the information about motions and actions in that video, and stores it into a database as metadata for future reference. Also, it can incorporate data from other sources.

Event correlation

With the help of Video Analytics software, millions of events that provide correlation and trend analysis capabilities can be processed.  We can create a histogram, heatmap, or a track summary view by analyzing the results of forensic research on event and alert metadata.

Advanced event visualization

In the operator client user interface already defined events and motions can be pictured and monitored on a graphic information system map. Integrated video players can also be used to see the recorded video footage of an activity that is under surveillance.

An open framework for integrating sensors and events streams

We can also customize the Video Analytics software to meet operational processes of our environment and the particular needs, also in order to support any unique requirements specific to alert response and forensic search.

Advanced system management capabilities

A web-based administrator client interface is provided by Video Analytics software which helps us to configure and customize our environment. To help us manage the servers, logs, database and other key parts of the system the administrator client provides a set of web-based tools.

Multiple camera types

Video Analytics provides capabilities for the analysis of the video from multiple camera types, which includes cameras in motion, such as cameras that are body-worn and also live-streaming fixed cameras.

Security and data privacy management

Video Analytics software provides a secure system which gives a secure password and login controls which are according to the standard guidelines.