Lesser Known Facts About Car Oil Change

There can be many facts you’ve known till now about car oil change. But was that all and enough? Here we have jotted down some lesser known facts on car oil change that we’ve gathered from the experts of a popular Auto Repair shop who offer oil change service in New Jersey. Check out to make sure if you have known these facts till now.

Right Time to Change the Engine Oil

This question though a very common one has created a lot of dispute among the car owners and car experts, and the perfect answer to this question can be found in only one place that is in your owner’s manual. But if you are curious to know the reason behind it, and looking for a logical explanation, then here’s one.

Depending upon the type of vehicle you are concerned about, like if it is a small car, SUV, crossover or a pickup truck will determine how often you need to change the engine oil. But other factors that also contribute in this process, is how old is your car, what is the condition of your car parts, especially the engine, how often do you drive your vehicle and how do you drive it, has your vehicle experienced any severe driving, and the like.

Service Reminder Monitors

Have you heard about service reminder monitors? Do you already use one? Well, if not, then you can invest in this device that is made to alert the drivers when an oil change is due. This system can even sense how the car is driven, and what is the condition of its powertrain components. So, to make sure of your next oil change date, you can invest in one such useful device, rather than staying in doubts.

Importance of Color

The color of the engine oil plays a very important role in diagnosing the health of your engine. Ideally, it should either be brown or black. But if you see a light and milky texture, it is an indication of leakage as well as contamination. So, look thoroughly for any metal or other solid particles, to know, if the oil is still clean enough.

Checking the Oil Level

The engine oil level speaks a lot about the maintenance needs. The experts at the New Jersey oil change service center, whom we consulted, suggested that the level of the engine oil should be checked at least once in a month. They further suggested to get immediate repairs done if there is any sign of a leakage.

Using a dipstick is the best way of measuring the oil level. Looking for the letters L and H that is indicative of low and high, in some cars, or words like MIN and MAX, are the simplest way to know the level of oil in your car. It is needless to say, if the level is somewhere in between, you are still lucky to have a few more kilometers in hand to take your car for an oil change, and if it is below the minimum mark, it is better to add the oil before key starting the engine.