MRI specialist in Mumbai

MRI scan is recommended for people with severe health problems. When a person faces serious health problems such as brain injuries, accidents, tumors, or any developmental anomalies, stroke, headache, or dementia, then a person usually undergoes brain scanning. Such a test is known as MRI which means Magnetic Resonance Imaging. It is a technique used for displaying the internal structures of the body. Using a powerful magnetic field and radio waves, a detailed picture of the body is captured. It is used for diagnosing different conditions of the body such as pelvis, abdomen, and chest. It can also detect cancer.

MRI scan

In Mumbai, today many technicians are specialized in the field of MRI. So, the special MRI hospital Mumbai perform a scan for the patients with severe problems. They work with the doctors to properly diagnose an injury or disease. They also monitor how well a person is responding to treatment. They usually conduct MRI of the brain and spinal cord under different conditions such as cancer, blood vessel damage, stroke, multiple sclerosis, etc.

They also conduct MRI of the heart and the blood vessels and they examine the following aspects.

If the person is suffering from any heart disease

Blocked blood vessels

Illness due to the invariable structure of the heart

Damage caused due to heart attack

When MRI of the bones is performed, the following aspects are examined.

Probability of bone cancer

Infections caused to bones

Disc problems caused in the spinal area

Pain in the neck and lower back pain

Bone infections

MRI is conducted to check the condition of each organ such as liver, prostate, pancreas, ovaries, etc.

Sometimes, a functional MRI is also conducted to check the brain activities and this process is known as brain mapping.

In Mumbai, many large hospitals conduct MRIs for patients who suffer from different types of diseases. Today, there are 100 MRI centers in Mumbai and they use modern technologies and equipment to conduct an MRI scan of the brain. They use modern equipment such as an aortic metallic valve, coils or gradients. The leading multispecialty hospitals usually conduct MRI scanning. They perform an MRI scan of the patients especially for children, who do not want to take anesthesia. The equipment that they use is so advanced that they can accommodate two people together. As they comprise of the aortic metallic valve, they are safe for children. The coils and the gradients are so powerful that it can produce images that are so clear almost for all regions of the body. The hospitals such as Breach Candy, Nanavathi, and Apollo are well-known throughout the nation and several patients visit the hospital in a day. They use the most advanced equipment that they can be performed even without any anesthesia. The MRI scan should be conducted using powerful radio waves that can capture images rapidly. Different patients suffer from different diseases and when the symptoms become severe, they should be conducting an MRI scan. So, in Mumbai, the hospitals hire doctors and technicians to conduct MRI of different regions of the body. So, they detect even severe problems of an individual and recommend further surgeries if the patient is severely suffering from any problem.